Womens winter coats are a great way to keep you warm in the cold months. They are versatile and can be used with a lot of tops like t-shirts, tunics, dresses, and kurti online. They also go well with all kinds of bottoms like pants, palazzos, and skirts. However, in the Indian context, a winter coat, is always not the best way to dress up warm. Just imagine if you were to show up in a traditional event in warm clothing, a winter coat is comfortable but will be considered a fashion faux pas.

India has its share of winter clothing for a long time now. The intricate and well-knitted sweaters are a forever favorite. Some places sell sweaters that are designed to cover the full upper body as well as sweaters designed like blouses to go with sarees. There is one another variation of woolen sweater, that is the woolen Indian kurti. A lot of e-commerce vendors also cater to customer’s needs of woolen kurtis in their kurti online section.

A woolen kurti is as good as a womens winter coat. It keeps you snug, warm, comfortable and safe from cold. At the same time, a woolen kurti gels into all the events in an Indian context. In fact, with a little bit of imagination, it can be used a fusion twist to western wear too.

Woollen kurtis for women were usual made as longer version of sweaters. The knit pattern, buttons used, motifs woven and colors of wool used were similar to that of sweaters. However, over time, the woolen kurti has become a stylish garment with several options in designs and patterns. Variations in the length of the sleeves, change of design around the neck, motifs used, cuts used have given woolen kurtis a whole new definition.

Woollen kurtis are great for official and casual events too. In the northern parts of India, the temperature during winter months can get excruciatingly cool. Winter kurtis are perfect clothing during such time to go about everyday life, be it running errands at home, going out to get things for the home, dressing up for work and even getting ready for a party. Woolen kurtis are the perfect fit for all occasions.

Down south in India too, woolen kurtis are quite popular. Most corporate offices are air-conditioned. They add to the cold during winter months. Woollen kurtis are perfect for women working in such conditions. They are practical, handy and will help you move around with the same ease like that of any other office clothing.

It is always a good idea to add a couple of woolen kurtis to your stock of winter clothing in your wardrobe. It will instantly make dressing up in winter for any occasion quick, easy and practical. The colors and patterns in woolen kurtis are an additional factor to consider stocking them to look trendy and happening.

Woolen kurtis come in all lengths and shapes. They are best suited for women of all sizes, height, and shapes.