Nowadays, most of people are willing to wear eye glasses due to prolong usage of heavy radiation devices such as mobile phones, Television, computers and laptops. In real fact, most of the people wear eye glasses which would not really suite them. Most of the people search for better options for eye glasses which make them to look trendy. When people search for the best glasses online then there are several options available in the market but among all eyeglasses with photochromic lenses are widely preferred by people.

What is a photochromic lenses eyeglass?

The photochromic lenses eyeglasses are an regular eyeglass when it is used in indoor the main specialty of using photochromic lenses eyeglass is they automatically gets darkened when you expose to sunlight or in outdoor or in bright lighted area. Some may wonder how photochromic lenses changes their lens darkens when expose to brighter area. It is mainly because of molecules present in the photochromic lens which gets activated due to Ultraviolet Radiation from sun. When these UV rays falls on photochromic lenses it turns into dark. In most of the cases the photochromic lenses do not get darkened while travelling in vehicle or inside car as windshield glass in the car do not allow UV rays to penetrate in.

Where to buy photochromic glasses?

The photochromic lenses are more famous and widely used by people most of them search best place to get them with desired design. The photochromic lens eyeglasses are available in all eyeglasses shops but it is difficult to get desired design of glass material in shop. Moreover the photochromic eyeglasses costs high in the shop in order to tackle this people continue to get photochromic eye glasses in online. When it comes to online there are several sites available where you can choose desired photochromic eyeglasses with cute glasses frames. When compared to eyeglass shops in online you can find photochromic cheap glasses online with various design frames and styles.

Various types of photochromic eyeglasses:

When people get online prescription glasses they can choose their desired type in photochromic glasses such as Voougeme photochromic lenses, vision ease life lenses and transition VII photochromic lenses still there are several types but these three types are widely used by people. Many people can think what made these three types of photochromic glasses get differ? The main thing that makes difference between these types of photochromic lens is their darkening degrees.

All three glasses are subjected to optics lab test where it is found that transitions VII photochromic lenses has high degree of darkening than other types that is little bit darker than photochromic lenses and 25% high dark than vision ease polycarbonate photochromic lenses. On other hand the darkening degree of lenses and its colour exposure may get differed due to temperature and weather condition which are listed below.

  • The transition VII photochromic lenses darken anywhere in gray and brown colour up to 60 to 80% darken in bright sun.
  • Photochromic lenses change into grey and brown colour with darkening capacity of 50 to 70% level in bright light.
  • The vision ease life photochromic lenses also change their lens colour to grey and brown at darkening level of 35 to 55% in bright level.

Based on degree level you can choose any type of photochromic lenses in desired lens frame.

 Benefits of using photochromic lenses:

Most of the People widely use the photochromic lenses mainly for its trendy fashion look and style. Apart from stylish look and fashion using photochromic lens would give several benefits which are listed below.

  • The main purpose of using photochromic eyeglasses is to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB radiation from sun. All photochromic lenses are designed with high index, progressive and bifocals which provides 100% protection shield to human eyes from UV radiations.
  • On other hand if you need clear vision during night travel then you can also add anti- reflecting coating to the photochromic lenses which would allows maximum light to pass through lens and gives clear vision.
  • When you use photochromic lenses glass it provides a comfort feel as it gets easily adaptable to environment temperature change. It also reduces eyestrain which occurs due to sun rays glare.
  • Whenever you purchase your desired photochromic lens glasses there is no need of having separate desired sun glasses since photochromic lenses eyeglass itself forms a sunglass when it is exposed to bright sunlight. So you can stop toggling between sunglass and eyeglasses usage.

Moreover you can able to get photochromic lenses in different colour range where you can choose your desired one. Even the colours would change with high speed that is about 30 seconds when it is exposed to bright rays. Thus if you wish to have your own photochromic lenses eyeglasses you can check on online and choose your desired glass frame. But do not fail to check that product is value for your money.