Some people might think the glass straws to be unsafe but they are actually not.  Most of the modern form of glass straws are made up with borosilicate this is why they are highly shatter resistant, difficult to break and also safe to use in cold and hot temperatures. Borosilicate is actually the material used in pyrex products and this is the material which makes pyrex products safe to use and long long lasting.

 Moreover, the glass straws are highly durable and they can adjust in temperature changes as well. The main advantage of using a glass straw is that they are made from borosilicate and borosiliciate is a non porous material so they remain bacteria free.

Things to look for while buying the glass straws

Glass straws are high quality straws providing high value of use to the users and could be purchased online or from a shop. Following are some of the things which you need to take care about while buying the glass straws for a sustainable shop:

1- Material

This is the first thing which you need to take care about while buying the glass straws for you. Choose a straw that is made from high quality borosilicate as they are durable and they are also reuseable after wash.

2- Length

Another important thing is the length of the straw which you shouldn’t ignore. You need to select a straw by keeping its use in mind and select its length accordingly. If you want to use the straw in a coffee mug, it would be less in length than the one to be used in a glass.

3-Fun Details

When you are about to buy the glass straws, there are colors and styles available. You can select simple, classy straws or the colored ones.