Are you considering doing micro needling with Dermapen or similar skin needling products but have no idea how it works or if it is the right solution to your skin problem? Is it even safe and what can you expect out of it?

Our skin changes as we age. The smooth and flawless skin of our twenties is replaced with dull, sun-damaged skin with pesky fine lines and wrinkles. No miracle treatment can get rid of the aging process, but there are treatments such as micro-needling treatment, that can help usage most naturally and elegantly possible.

Precisely what is skin needling?

Skin needling likewise called micro needling, derma needling, and collagen induction therapy is an aesthetic, minimally invasive, non-ablative treatment that makes use of titanium micro-fine needles to promote the skin’s natural production of collagen leading to effective skin rejuvenation. Little cuts on the leading layer of the skin, signifies it to enter repair mode instantly. Skin recovery starts with the production of both collagen and elastin– proteins that are essential to preserving outstanding skin integrity.

How does micro-needling treatment work?

Scientific research studies reveal that micro-needling triggers the body’s favourable reaction to skin recovery and skin cell renewal. The bleeding from the little skin injuries triggers a response as platelets can be found in contact with damaged skin tissues. Platelets then launch growth elements, enzymes, and hormones that activate the production of fibroblasts in addition to collagen and elastin. The output of more skin cells results in recently repaired and revitalised skin.

How Is Safe it?

Now that you have an idea of how skin needling works,  you might be all excited and look for Dermapen 3 for sale or any other skin needling product. Hold on though because there is one question that we are yet to consider — is it safe?

Collagen induction therapy widely considered as the most advanced and reliable treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and other skin discolourations. Skin needling for the minimisation of lines is a safe and straightforward procedure without any known adverse effects or issues.

The skin needling results are usually visible after the preliminary treatment. The variety of treatment sessions differs throughout individuals and depend on how well you respond to the procedure.

Treatment for patients with mild scars might need approximately six sittings spread over six months. For younger women who wish to avoid the additional deepening of wrinkles, at least three sessions should be plenty to motivate the production of brand-new layers of elastin and collagen.

Is Micro Needling the Safest Anti-Ageing Treatment?

The ideal place to have micro needling carried out is in a scientific setting. Collagen induction therapy is best performed by consulting a knowledgeable professional with extensive knowledge of skin care. Nevertheless, there are many derma rollers and comparable facial needles that are marketed for home use. As for picking the best skin needling gadget to use, we also need to understand that less expensive fake pens and rollers do not supply the wanted results all the time and do not always comply with the same safety standards.