You have decided to go to a fitness camp. You’ve taken a holiday from work for it. The weight loss camp is several days away. What do you bring?

Here’s a list of things to pack in your fitness boot camp suitcase:

1. Sports underwear – Whatever type of fitness camp you are going to, strong and protective underwear is a must. Sports bras help women do physical exercises with freedom. Men’s cups and pads lessen the impact of blows from contact sports

2. Gloves – Gloves are not required, but many people prefer to wear them while working out. It keeps their bodies protected from sunburn during warm climate and from the freezing cold during winter. Wearing gloves also protects our hands from friction when we use exercise equipment at a fitness boot camp.

3. Towels – Fitness camps entail a lot of physical activity. This means that you will sweat a lot. To be on the safe side, bring more towels than you would normally bring for a vacation. Some camps that are held in resorts could already provide these for campers, though.

4. Running shoes – Whether you will be made to bike, run or stretch, running shoes are essential to wear in a weight loss camp. The question is what kind of running shoes are right for you? One should check his or her feet to find out their shape. People with flat feet should get running shoes for motion control and balance. Some shoes also have orthotics or shoe inserts that can cushion the soles of the feet. If a person feet are high-arched, they roll outwards when running. Flexible running shoes with a soft middle will keep people with feet like this feel comfortable. This type of running shoe also lessens each step’s impact on the feet. People with normal feet can choose any pair of shoes as long as they are not extremely designed for either of the first two types of feet mentioned. One can also ask a doctor about toesocks. These protective are shoes shaped to encase each toe. They are used by many serious runners.

5. Slippers – A good weight loss camp will always be well-rounded. It will make participants do physical activities that range from yoga, pilates, martial arts and swimming to running, hiking and weight lifting. Activities like yoga and pilates stress the importance of being light and breathable. Being able to feel the ground with one’s feet is key in martial arts. And swimming of course, would be difficult with shoes and socks on. This is why packing a good pair of flip-flops to a fitness retreat is advisable.

6. A water bottle – Weight loss retreats will surely provide campers and participants with water. Water is important to keep the body hydrated, cool and moisturized during intensive workout sessions. It also cleanses us of toxins. However, bringing one’s own water bottle or jug for refills is smarter and more environmentally-friendly than drinking water from disposable plastic bottles.

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