According to a number of statistics that have been gathered globally, breast augmentations are among the most requested of services in the realm of cosmetic surgical procedures as of 2014. The following will guide you through the basics of what you should think about prior to breast implant surgery.

The First Surgery will Probably NOT be Your Last

Approximately 25% of women will require an additional surgery ten years after the initial operation, due to the fact that implants do not last forever. If left for too long without being replaced, the breast implant can begin to develop a scar shell, leak or become warped, requiring new implants to be provided.

Basic Recovery Takes a Week

On average, patients will only need to take a maximum of seven days off of work after enduring breast augmentation. After that initial week, you will not feel 100%, but you will be well enough to begin working again and assimilating back into your normal daily routine. For those whose jobs require manual labor, you may need to take additional time off or request a light duty assignment for a period of time.

For those that would like for their breast to look more realistic and have less of a chance at developing a scar shell, the recovery will be longer as well as harder on the body.

Breasts will Feel Different

Even though silicone breasts feel very similar to real breasts, they are still not natural and will take some getting used to. Your breasts will initially feel foreign to you, but over time they will feel just like a part of your body.

Try Different Sizes First

While consulting with your surgeon, you are able to try different cup sizes in order to determine the best look for you pre-surgery. The surgeon can allow you to use “sizers” to accomplish this.

Shop Surgeons

You do NOT have to go with the first surgeon that you find and/or meet. Take your time to compare former work, pricing, procedures, etc. The better the surgeon you have the better the result and the less recovery time endured. Embrace the Confidence

After breast implants winnipeg surgery and recovery, your confidence level will increase the very first time you look at yourself in the mirror. You will feel as if you are ready to conquer the world as clothing fits better and your dimensions are more precisely aligned.