There are different ways on how people can improve their look and feel confident. Some may use trendy outfits, makeups and different hairstyles while some prefer to consider skin care treatments and laser hair removal.

However, when it comes to more effective hair removal treatment, there is a huge debate between waxing and laser hair removal. So, which one is really worth trying and more effective?

Both waxing and laser hair removal are effective in removing unwanted hair from bikini area, underarm, arm, leg, face and other areas. But, the more effective one is the real difference.

In waxing, the skin of the client will be smooth for up to 2 weeks after the procedure. Then, the hair will grow softer and finer. This is performed by entangling the skin in a sticky substance and then rip it from the skin.

With regards to soprano ice laser removal, the clients will be able to achieve precision. This is because it can target dark and coarse hair while keeping the surrounding skin free any form of damage. Clients can also experience immediate results because each laser pulse can take a fraction per second. Meaning, it can treat plenty of hair simultaneously. Small areas like upper lip can be treated in just less than a minute while the large areas like legs and backs will only take an hour to perform the skin removal.

Apart from precision and speed, laser hair removal also offers predictability. Most of the patients have already experienced permanent hair loss after 3 to 7 sessions.

When clients undergo soprano ice laser removal, they can expect that before performing the procedure, their hair will undergo a treatment to trim a few millimeters above their skin surface. Then, the laser equipment to be used will be adjusted based on the thickness, location and color of the clients’ hair to be treated as well as their skin color.

Waxing and laser hair removal have their own approach and advantages. The choice of which one is more effective will actually depend on the unique requirements of each client.

However, individuals who are interested in experiencing the advantages of laser hair removal in London can simply visit Medspa Notting Hill and arrange a schedule to undergo this type of skin procedure.

With so many benefits that clients can get from soprano ice laser hair removal, there is no way for them not to achieve their desired results.