People have worn bracelets for hundreds of decades. These days, they come in various styles, exquisite materials, and are decorated with all the possibilities. Just like the perfect necklace, wearing a pretty bracelet can get you all the attention you deserve without being too showy. There are bracelets of all types of materials ranging from metals such as Silver Bracelets and gold bracelets, leather, plastic, and fabric bracelets. When choosing the material, your choice will largely depend on its affordability, style, preference, and durability. However, you can have more than one piece in your collection to accessorize different outfits.

The best way to find the perfect bracelet is to understand the different types of bracelets. They come in many designs, so you have all the options when it comes to choosing. Some people choose to wear bracelets from one favourite designer, while others select individual pieces from different places. Here are the different types of bracelets.


Bangles are one of the common types of bracelets that come in a circular but inflexible shape. Bangles with precious stones or diamonds as embellishments make great fashion statements. The best thing with bangles is that you can wear them as a single piece or in stacks and still look good.

Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are usually flexible or stretchable and have beads arranged in single or multiple rows. A single beaded bracelet can be made of beads of different colors or a single color. Also, gemstones are used to add a touch of sophistication to beaded bracelets. You can wear beaded bracelets in one hand or both in layers.

Chain and links

Chain and links are made of metals such as gold and silver in links that connect into a band. They are flexible and come in different styles, from chunky ones to dainty chains. They make the ideal jewelry choice for layering as they come in all kinds of metals.

Charm bracelets

People have worn charm bracelets for thousands of years for religious purposes. Charm bracelets are the type that has trickets or a charm dangling from the chain. Some charm bracelets have sentimental values, while others represent different places or beliefs.

Handmade bracelets

When you go to a jeweler who deals with custom designs, he/she could make you a handmade bracelet. They are made of hand-forged silver or gold, carefully crafted and embellished with decorations such as beads or gemstones. The best thing about handmade bracelets is that they are unique and could represent a sentimental value.


Cuffs come in a circular or oval shape and are usually inflexible. You can wear them loose, or they can be a little bit wide and chunky. How you wear cuffs depends on the fashion statement you want to make.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets have a delicate chain design embellished with a single set of gemstones. For instance, tennis bracelets made with diamonds. The chain link could be of any other material. These are also called line bracelets.


Armlets are worn on the upper part of the arm and can be made of metal featuring precious gems. Armlets are very stylish and trendy types of bracelets that bring out a great fashion statement.


Understanding the different types of bracelets helps you choose the perfect one to wear with ease, depending on your style and aesthetic choice.