Marriage happens once in a lifetime. An Indian wedding is an occasion to rejoice with sweets, colours, trendy and traditional outfits, gold and diamond jewellery and accessories. When you get an invitation for any wedding, the first thing that comes to your mind is shopping. You want to look the best. Thus, you shop around, buy the latest dresses with matching accessories.

When it is about men, they prefer wearing ethnics like kurta pyjama or dhoti or some who believe to be formally dressed prefer coat pant. No much was done about their outfit other than buying a new short. However, now trend has changed. Men have started focussing on different outfits available for them in market.

Now there are many stores exclusively for wedding purpose where you can get varieties of Sherwani for men. Each is compared with latest designs and trends. Since adaptability is the key to our culture, thus we now don’t stick to white and red combination. We play with colours like orange, purple, turquoise, brown etc.

No man can look as elegant as in a sherwani, thus here are few tips to help you look the best on your wedding –

  • Wedding is special for bride as well as for groom, make sure you match your attire with your bride. The best way is to buy your outfits together, which will help you match your colour perfectly.
  • Always buy a sherwani that compliments your complexion and figure. For example, if you aren’t successful in losing weight before your wedding, then prefer wearing a darker shade of sherwani with light coloured embroidery work.
  • Wedding day is hectic day, you have to attend so many rituals, therefore, select a fabric that allows you to breathe comfortably. This means it would be good if you avoid silk during summer and go for cotton with heavy work done.
  • Don’t add too much brightness or dazzle to your sherwani. Don’t get it overdone let’s leave it for the bride’s attire. We understand you’re quite excited but, even classy looking sherwani with heavy embroidery can add that oomph factor.
  • Let’s get it altered so that it doesn’t look like it has been borrowed from someone, but fits you comfortably. You need a comfortable sherwani that can allow you to sit for longer period of time on the floor and also let you dance with your friends and family.
  • Lastly, compliment your sherwani with accessories like turban and a turban brooch. If you have ever seen a Rajput’s wedding, they also wear a pearl necklace and carry a sword to give a royal look.
  • Not forgetting about your footwear which also needs to be ethnic and if it holds golden thread work then that too gives a royal look.

Thanks to the fashion industry, they come out with new trends in men and women attire. In a wedding bride has always been an attraction therefore she’s dressed in her best golden embroidered red sari and men in their suit or dhoti. With time things are changing and people are accepting new trends for weddings. That is why to make men feel special on their wedding, fashion industry has various designs and styles combined with sherwani.