Manicured nails are the best accessories for any woman. It is not possible for every woman to visit a salon so you must take out a few minutes from your schedule for shaping your nails yourself. Nail shaping is a substitute for a manicure. The best way for nail shaping is through a nail file. Some trim their nails through clippers, and others find filing to be the better option. You can choose from a wide variety of nail files including metal files, glass files, and emery boards.

After deciding on the length of your nails, the next step is figuring out the nail shapes that can work the best. Check whether the shapes of the cuticles are squared, curved, or squared and round edges. This will give you an indication of which nail shape shall work best for you. The standard shapes of nails are oval, square, and squoval- mix between oval and square. The less common shapes are the pointed, classic round, and the trendy stiletto.

Almond nail shape

Almond shaped nails have become famous all over again. This name was given because of the similarity of the nails with the nuts. They are oval at the base but become sharp towards the end. These shapes add sophistication and elegance. To get this shape, make a spot in the nail center and file towards it. The almond-shaped nails elongate the fingers and add a flare of feminity to the short fingers. To look good, choose the coating color and the patterns along with the outfit. Go for this nail shape if your nail beds are long and narrow. It goes well with both short and long fingers. The polish colors can be plain, shiny, or metallic.

Square nails

The square shaped nails are classy, and they are very much in demand. The short length is very stylish. Apart from being fashionably famous, this nail shape is very sturdy as it is throughout the whole width of your nail bed. This kind of nail does not break easily and works the best in long fingers having a wide nail bed. The square nails are best suited to the more massive nail beds because this nail shape can make the small nail beds look wide and stumpy. They do not look good with the short nails, but on the medium and longer nails. These nails look good with different shades of nail polishes, and the best thing is these types of nails get the most attention.