Are you looking for a proven and trusted weight loss clinic toronto? Margo’s Chinese Acupuncture Clinic has been providing safe and effective weight-loss treatment to people for almost three decades. Dr. Margaryta Goncharenko is a qualified acupuncturist, physician, cardiologist, and radiologist. She assesses each patient before developing a personalized weight-loss treatment that not only addresses the weight-gain problem but also improves the patient’s overall health.

Obesity among Canadians

More than 20% of adult Canadians suffer from obesity. This equals a staggering 5.3 million Canadians, who have to bear obesity as a daily part of their life. It not only affects their life, but also increases the risks of different types of life-threatening diseases. Some of the potential diseases linked to obesity include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancers, and osteoarthritis. Margo’s Clinic has been helping such Canadians reclaim their life using safe and proven acupuncture-based treatments.

Margo’s Clinic uses acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and has become a trusted weight loss clinic toronto. Modern weight loss treatment programs have high potential risks. On the other hand, acupuncture has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment that works by stimulating the energy lines on your body. Dr. Goncharenko’s treatment program uses acupuncture and other traditional Chinese treatments to improve patterns of eating, digesting and sleeping.

About Margo’s Clinic

The weight loss clinic toronto has been in business since 1988 when Dr. Margaryta Goncharenko started practicing. The doctor provides treatment for many other conditions besides obesity. The anxiety treatment solution combines both acupuncture and modern practices. Dr. Margo has also developed treatment solutions for permanently treating smoking addiction. The weight loss treatment involves acupuncture, body detoxification, and colon hydrotherapy.

Dr. Margo is a certified and licensed practitioner of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine under the competent Canadian authority. Her specialization in multiple Western fields of medicine further enhances her reputation as a weight loss specialist.