Ear piercings are more than just modern means to look cool and stylish. There are many types of piercing ideas that contain different health benefits.

Mind you, piercings being means for medicine is not pure hearsay. According to the scientific community, ear piercings have several health benefits for a woman’s body.

Ear piercings are classified as alternative medicine. Mainly, ear piercings fall under acupuncture – which is the method of treating ailments by triggering pressure points.

Helps Control Weight

If you want to lose weight, you can consider getting your ears pierced. Ear piercings help keep obesity at bay for the earlobes contain the body’s hunger points.

Thus, putting a piercing on the right point will help keep the digestive system healthy which will also reduce the chances of obesity.

Improves Mental Health

Studies in acupuncture verify that some pressure points in the ear can also help in dealing with mental illnesses like anxiety, nervousness, and even OCD.

Moreover, piercing the ears can help attain proper blood flow. Thus, adequate blood transmission to the brain will help improve the memory of an individual.

Helps Develop Healthy Ears

The points where the ears are normally pierced contains two of the most essential acupuncture points – the master sensor and the master cerebral.

As confirmed by acupuncture experts, these two points are vital spots which help in alleviating the symptoms of tinnitus or ringing ears.

Improves Concentration

As said by Shushruta, the ear lobes contain meridian points that connect to both the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Thus, if these points were pierced, it will activate the parts of the brain.

Furthermore, following the laws of acupuncture, piercings also help stimulate the areas of the brain which in turn helps in improving concentration.

Enhances Vision

According to acupuncture, the point where the center of the eye lies is located in the central location on the lobe.

Following the fact that the center of the ear is directly attached to the vision of the eyes, consequently, applying pressure on the point or piercing the vital spot will improve eyesight.

Keep Reproductive Organs and Immune System Healthy

The earlobe is perfect for alternative medicine like acupuncture for it has many pressure points – specifically in the middle.

The middle-pressure point, according to Ayurveda, is an important acupuncture spot that helps the reproductive organs stay healthy and also help build a robust immune system.


Ling Shu once said, “The ear is the place where all the channels meet.” So if you are a health buff and is planning to get an ear piercing, do not worry for it will give you many benefits.

This article will help its readers become informed about the benefits of getting an ear piercing. Moreover, it will help people understand that piercings are not only for fashion but also for health.