Ever since you laid eyes on Cinderella and the other fairy tale princesses you’ve probably been dreaming of your own lavish wedding. You’re certainly not alone either. A fairytale wedding is the dream of many. From the venue to the décor, the wedding videography to the outfits, you want every part of your day to be perfect.


Just as the bride is anxious about her dress it is also important for the groom to find the perfect attire as well. Don’t forget, this is his day too. He should be able to feel like prince charming ready to sweep you off your feet. So, we’ve included a few tips below on how to find the best attire for your groom.

Choosing the Right Colours

No matter how much you love wearing a variety of colours, the main colours in your groom’s outfit should be a bit softer. Some top ideas for colours include navy blue, grey or black. Then to incorporate your wedding’s colour scheme into the outfit, he can opt for a colourful tie. This will make sure your outfits complement one another in an elegant fashion, instead of clashing.

The Right Accessories

While the bride wears jewelry to complete her look, a groom should have some accessories too. Cufflinks, watches, bowties, and ties are all top options. When paired with the perfect bowtie or tie and some shiny cufflinks, your groom will look polished and handsome. However, remember to keep things simple. He doesn’t need to go overboard with accessories to look good. Sometimes the less is more.

Attention to Details

Your groom’s shirt matters. A fitted, well-ironed shirt and classy suspenders will elevate his appearance. To keep his shirt crisp and clean make sure he remembers to hang it up somewhere safe. No one wants to discover that their shirt is wrinkly on the day of their wedding.

Then, there is also the matter of socks. Brown socks with a black suit simply don’t match. It is much better to coordinate colours when it comes to socks. It’s just another area it simply doesn’t worth gambling on. Otherwise, you might spot the faux pas on your wedding video for years to come!

Rent vs. Bought

Before he heads out to pick up his suit or tux he should also consider whether he wants to rent or buy his suit. Renting a suit is a cost-effective option especially if he doesn’t plan on wearing it again in the future.

With a few touches here and there, your groom will look no less than stellar come wedding day. Congratulations! And one more tip… don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your big day.

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