Our olfactory senses play a major role in how we perceive other people. This is why the perfume industry is still steadily booming and we don’t see it dying down any time soon. After all, who wants to spend hours with someone who smells like they just spent a week without showering?

There are a plethora of different scents and perfumes to choose from, and it’s something you can switch day per day until you find the perfume that defines you. Once you have chosen the right scent, make it your signature fragrance and wear it everywhere – well, until you fall in love with another scent.

The problem is, some perfumes don’t last all day and you have to bring around your bottle just to keep reapplying. Perfume tends to diminish as the day passes but, fret not: We are here to help you get the most out of your signature scent.

We’ve compiled the best ways for you to help keep your perfume on for longer.

  1. Spray Your Hairbrush

Don’t make the mistake of directly spraying perfume on your roots as it contains ingredients that will dry out your hair. What you can do is spray it on your hairbrush at a foot’s distance and comb it through your locks!

Your hair is something that people can smell from a close distance so it’s best to make sure it doesn’t smell bad as well. If you’re still scared of damaging your hair, you can shop around for scents that are specifically designed to be used on hair.

  1. Keep It Away from Heat and Sunlight

Try storing your perfume bottles in cabinets or anywhere away from the sun. Humidity breaks down your favourite perfume’s components which will eventually lead to weakening the fragrance.

You should also keep the box your perfume comes in as direct sunlight can mess with the components. Make it a habit to store it back in the box after spritzing it on after a shower.

  1. Apply Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is used for a multitude of reasons, but did you know that it helps to keep your scent on for longer as well?

Apply a bit of the ointment to perfume points like your wrists, your neck, inside your elbows, behind your knees, ankles, and calves. Be careful not to get too overboard with the petroleum jelly, though. You might smell good the whole day, but you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable because of the sticky ointment.

  1. Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t rub your wrists together after putting on perfume.

We know you’ve seen it done in shows and movies but doing this will actually weaken the scent. Rubbing your wrists together causes friction which will cause your perfume to fade faster.

  1. Utilise Set Scents

Some perfumes come in sets with a matching body wash, lotion, etc. This should be pretty self-explanatory, but some are scared that it might be too overwhelming to use them all at the same time.

Don’t worry about that because these scents were designed to be used as a set and having it all over your body is a sure way for it to last.

  1. Spray at An Optimum Distance

While spraying in the air and walking into it may work, you’ll just be wasting a considerable amount of your perfume.

To get the maximum impact, you should hold the bottle at around 20 to 30 centimetres away from your skin. Don’t spray it too close or it might just pile up and change the smell.

Spray it at half an arm’s distance away, let it fall on your skin then allow it some time to settle and dry before going about your day.

  1. Don’t Shake the Bottle!

Shaking your perfume bottle will only allow air into the mixture and affect its quality. Your perfume is designed to stand still and, unless directed by the maker, don’t shake it to mix its contents.

  1. Don’t Over Apply

Throughout the day, you may seem to notice your perfume less and less. This can lead to you reapplying it a dozen of times and making it a strong, repulsive smell rather than an attractive one.

You might not be able to smell your perfume as the day progresses, but everyone around you definitely can! This is because your nose gets used to the smell compared to when you first spray it on.

Whether you’ve found your signature scent or are still on the hunt for the top perfumes, smelling good is something that can make a positive impact on your life.

We hope that by following our tips above, you’ll be able to gain the confidence to conquer your day. Let’s admit it: Being told you smell good is an instant mood booster and can help set the tone for your morning.