If you have fashion sense and style, you know the importance of embracing designs that are made with sustainable materials. For example, fabrics made from bamboo are trending in the fashion world. Because of the popularity of living ‘green,’ one’s apparel also has to follow this ‘colour’ scheme. The idea of sustainability has now risen to a completely new subset in the retail industry. The niche market of sustainability has pushed its way into the mainstream.

bamboo clothing

An Eco-Friendly Look

At the core of this rise in sustainability sits bamboo – a material that can supply just about every kind of eco-friendly product that customers want and demand. Not only that, bamboo has the capability of creating both aesthetically pleasing and quality clothing for both women and men. People don’t want to follow a buying pattern that is bad for the environment. As a result, selling bamboo apparel is appropriate for today.


Since bamboo can easily adjust to changing climates and temperatures, it can be grown just about anywhere and in almost any type of environment with the exception of Antarctica. Clothing made of bamboo is also naturally antifungal, antibacterial and anti-pest, which means pesticides do not need to be used on the plant. Bamboo plants produce a great biomass, or 30% more oxygen than a forest of hardwoods of about the same size.

A Renewable Product

Fashionable bamboo clothing is popular and easy to manufacture because the plant is more easily renewed. The plant grows rapidly and reaches maturity in a time span of around five years. That makes bamboo the fastest growing and most renewable plant in the world. Compare bamboo to oak, which normally takes as many as 120 years to mature. Therefore, a hardwood that is used for market takes about 60 years to be supplanted, whilst bamboo takes about 60 days to be replaced.

If you buy any clothing made of bamboo, you will purchase a strong piece of material. Bamboo has a tensile strength that is stronger than steel. Not only can the material be used for building earthquake-resistant buildings, but it can also be made into one of a number of fashion styles.

Bamboo is not only used for buildings; it is used for furnishings, textiles and apparel. The sustainable and green-friendly material is included in make-up, bicycles, technological gadgets and even some cuisine as well. It is also a good substitute for charcoal.

A Trending Choice for Fashion Today

Because bamboo is aesthetic to view, it is considered a trending choice for fashion today and will continue to trend far into the future. The plant, which produces oxygen in quantity, can lower carbon dioxide emissions at a faster rate than other plant species. Plus, any clothing made of bamboo has a sleek and smooth texture that makes it ideal for the production of soft clothing materials. If you want to wear fashionable clothing but feel your clothing should meet the standards imposed by sustainability, you could not ask for a better fabric than bamboo. Confine your search to fashions that make full use of the material.