Eyelash extensions is a way of making your lashes become better and more appealing. You don’t have to put up with those short and bushy lashes that you’d rather shed off. Technology has made it possible to improve your general look through lash extensions.

Following are some of the things you need to know

It’s hard to keep eyes closed for long

A lot of attention is needed when the lashes are being done. Therefore, you need three to four hours for the beautician to give you the best of touch. Your eyes must remain shut for hours and this is something you have to put up with.

All designs are different

There is a variety of designs that you can adapt for your lashes. This majorly depends on the length, thickness, and curls. Again, these come in different colors; it could be that natural black, the brown, any color you can think of.

 Lash extensions are not for the faint-hearted

 Imagine having new lashes on your eyes for the first time. It can be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, whenever you make a decision to have the beauty on you, you have to brace yourself for some discomfort that will wear off with time.

It is addictive

The first time you have the lashes, you’ll be quite uneasy because of the response from friends and family. Over time, it becomes a norm and in fact, when you don’t have them, you look odd. You always want to have them on a regular basis and even friends will be concerned if you don’t have them.

Aftercare is essential for longevity

Lash extensions need proper care and maintenance. This includes daily washing using a cleanser. Again, the lashes would require brushing each day following the natural curve of extension. You have to be careful so that dirt and bacteria don’t build up along the lash line.

Whenever you decide to have lash extensions, you need to see the beautician and get advice on the best type for your eyes and lids.