Are you getting ready for your vacation? Want to take your jewelry along with you? Traveling with your precious set of jewelry can become your headache if you do not pack it right. Before, you are leaving for your trip; you should think about how you can carry your jewelry to keep them intact in one place when you travel from one destination to another.

Problems you face when you travel with jewelry

There are some of the common problems that people face while they travel with jewelry. When you are traveling, you want to look great and your favorite piece of necklace or earrings can bring out the best pictures. However, it can be difficult to carry the jewelry along with you. Here are some of the problems that you can face while you are traveling with jewelry items-

  • You have the chance to lose a piece of jewelry while you travel. The set of jewelry that you want to carry can be expensive and losing it while traveling is really a sentimental value.
  • When you are carrying your luggage not in a proper manner, your necklaces and other items may also become disorganized and get tangled.
  • Also, it is quite impossible to track your jewelry items when you are traveling, maybe when you are on the flight, train or in your hotel room.
  • Even wearing expensive pieces of jewelry can get wrong attention as like of the pickpockets and the thieves.

So, what is the best thing you should do? What is the best solution you can have?

MyDelena is the perfect product or the case where you can keep your jewelry items. Finally, a proper Travel Jewelry Case! Our slim, compact, rigid design locks jewelry in place, so your jewelry arrives undamaged. Just imagine, you are opening your suitcase and found that all your items are messed up and it is hard to find out your favorite piece of the jewelry item.  The bags and the pouches are good because they fit easily inside the luggage bag, but they are not so protective. They do not protect your items from knotting. The hard metal cases are either too big, or they are too heavy to be carried from one place to another. The normal jewelry boxes can create a mess, and you find out your broken earrings inside them.

However, the MyDelena is the perfect case that keeps all your precious jewelry items at place when you travel. These boxes do not open on accident and mainly protect all your belongings. Additionally, the box is cute to look and tough for the nails. This box has small cubbies where you can keep the rings and earrings separately. You can place the delicate necklaces in the circular rings inside the box. This case fits in any size of luggage and you can carry your favorite items as you want.

If you are looking for the best solution to carry your jewelry items, you can buy the MyDelena case. The set includes a zippered case, cubby compartment, Velcro strips and the cushioned trays.