Trends change like days because it’s Fashion baby! Are you the one lashing behind stereotype Eye Fashion Trends? Have you not tried anything but Black when it comes to the Eyeliners? Well, it is high time you apply something more vivid than Black. Not only it gives an edgy feel to your entire look, but can also add class to your face makeup. And who says you completely have to ditch black? Create an alloy of black and another color and you’re good to go.

Flashing here, few of the trending Eyeliner Hues of this season. Choose the one that goes with your skin tone and creates wonders to your look with a small change.


The fresh color has the power to create a look which feels like magic. Emerald, olive or other lighter and darker shades can also be applied if the outfit demands. Bottle Green and Black;s combination is as amazing as it goes with clothes.

Blue is personally my Happy Color if you ask. The peacock blue, turquoise, sky and what not. Your eyes will shimmer once you try them. No combos are required as such, but if you still want to then try mixing the contrasts.
Red/ Brown

The color of love, as well as danger, will demand expert guidance to try out. They can go extremely wrong if not used with proper textures according to skin tones. Raven Reds, Brown, Rose Bloom etc are some flawless options for Eyeliners.

Don’t get aback by the name itself, yes! White. You would be surprised once you apply them on your inner lids and down line. They get along with any other dark hues and gives an immensely sharp look. They’re great for office and night parties.
Glitz & Glams

Apart from the Matte Eyeliners and shiny ones, there comes a trend of going all glittery. Apply a bit of glam to your eyes by these Glitter shades which are available in all the colors and you’re more than ready to rock a party of evening function.

There are numerous Beauty Brands which provide different shades of Eyeliners. Check out Shoppers Stop’s Beauty section online for such lovely colors.

Image Source: Shoppers Stop & Pinterest