If you’ve been relying on belts only to hold up your ill-fitting pair of pants every now and then, you need to snap out of it. Because statement belts are taking over the fashion world like never before. They’ve probably been the most underrated item in fashion. But honestly, if there’s one accessory that can make an outfit look perfectly finished and put together, it’s a BELT! You’ll be amazed by how a single belt can transform your entire outfit and take it a notch up.

After taking a look at these magnificent statement belts, you’ll want to wear belts for what they offer to your look and not just to hold your pants in place.


With mini reflective silver studs on an elasticated black base, this piece is a pure stunner. It’s one of those magical accessories that have the power to transform any basic outfit and to create a desired silhouette by accentuating your waist and giving you curves.

  • You can wear it with your LBDs to add a perfect amount of bling to them, pair ir with hot combat boots or black statement heels.
  • If you want to look effortlessly chic, pair it with a high waisted black sheer skirt, a plain white off shoulder (tucked in), a solid black sling bag and suede black ankle length boots.
  • Pull it off with a long flowy navy blue dress that has bell sleeves and strappy heels for a waist-cinching look.



This pretty belt with flamingo hued florets is precisely the BFF that your dresses need. A basic dress is no longer basic if you add this elegant statement belt to it.

  • Pair it up with pretty much any of your dresses to add a splash of gorgeous colour to them. It would create a slim, vintage look.
  • It would look great with a bright coloured off shoulder skater dress. Get your glam with some chunky earrings or sheers gloves, for footwear choose a pair of nude or blush hued statement heels.
  • Adore it with a tunic, a long fitted dress or a simple chambray top and denims.


This adorably unique belt that sits right above the waist is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Not only does it make an impactful statement, but it defines & creates major waist-flattering vibes.

  • Add this belt to a wrap or off shoulder shift dress to bring attention to your waist.
  • You can wear it over an oversized cosy sweater to instantly make the look more interesting. Long boots look dashing with oversized sweats, you could also break the monotony with a pair of statement heels- simple straps or pumps.
  • Wearing a button down or flowy blouse sometimes looks too oversized and boxy. In that case, tuck it in and add this belt. It’ll give you a shape that is to die for.


Adored by classic, preppy & glam girls alike, the right printed belt in statement leopard can dramatically transform a humdrum outfit.

  • This beauty would look amazing with layered outfits. No matter if it’s a long coat, a sophisticated wrap, a blazer, a cosy sweater or a lightweight jacket, it’ll always look cool if you belt it. You go from lots of layers and no defined figure, to flaunting an hourglass figure with the help of one accessory!
  • You can totally rock a classic white boyfriend dress shirt by throwing on this statement belt and a pair of suede black knee-high boots. The prints and textures would work so well together.

Simply by pulling in these accessories that make a big statement, you can turn your ordinary outfits into extraordinary ensembles. Statement belts are going to be rage, be sure to not miss them!