What are clip on hair extensions? Clip on or clip in hair extensions are kinds of extensions that use some clips to connect the original and additional hair. Compared to other methods, this one is easier indeed. However, since both kinds of hair are being attached each other due to the clips, the result is not permanent. It means that you can use it only once when you need it. Why Is Hair Extensions Clip in is So Popular? However, hair extensions with clips actually have some other benefits. Here they are.

Safer than Other Methods

This type of hair extensions is only about clipping the additional hair to the original hair. it relatively doesn’t give any bad effects to your hair. Just compare it to other permanent hair extensions using glue and other chemical substances. Without good treatment, those tend to give many hair problems like hair loss and irritation.


Easier to Use

Yes, theoretically, it is so easy to connect one kind of hair to another. Well, it is although actually the extension method is not easy as you think. The hairstylist still needs to be very careful so that the result looks more natural, beautiful, and satisfying. Interestingly, hair extensions with clip on can also be done by you. You may need to prepare two mirrors placed in front of and behind you. Make sure you notice it well whether the result is already good and neat or not. You can also ask your friend to help you for better results. In short, it is easy to attach without you need to go to the hairstylist. The way to separate it from your own hair is also simple. Just release the clips.


Easier to Find

A clip on hair extension is indeed basically produced for self-attachment. This makes this type is easier to find in any salon or even women accessories shops. There are many colors are available. You only need to choose one which is suitable to your hair. Besides, there are also many hair extensions with clip on that are highlighter or applying ombre color. Those ideas are so cool, aren’t they?

Keep It and Use It Later

This extension certainly can be used several times before it looks dull or damaged. It means you have to keep it well in the dry and clean place. Other permanent extensions with glue surely don’t have this benefit. So, are you interested to apply the clip on hair extensions? Visit Hairexten.com for more tips and choices.