Teen Health Advice for a Healthy New Year

Although your teenage years are most often your healthiest years, because you’re young and you haven’t had any major health issues yet, plus your daily habits haven’t taken a toll on your body, it is important to be cautious. Just because you are healthy, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to think about your health routine.

Teen Health Advice for a Healthy New Year

Don’t take your health for granted, in fact now is the best time in your adolescent years to take care of yourself and develop healthy habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Of course there’s the annoying habits that your doctor, dentist and parents tell you to do, like floss daily and eat your vegetables but it is important to prevent diseases by practicing good health habits now.┬áDo these tips, daily for optimal health and your future-self will thank you.

Floss everyday

You heard it from your dentist and your parents, to make sure to floss every day, but somehow you keep forgetting to do it before you go to bed. Flossing seems inconvenient and frustrating but you should look at it as the best way to prevent major oral health problems. The same way you brush your hair daily, you want to ensure that you’re not getting tangles or worse a bad hair day.

If you don’t floss your teeth daily you can cause bacteria buildup and it can lead to chronic bad breathe. People who do not floss their teeth regularly can also suffer from chronic bad breath often. To avoid having icky breath, simply floss your teeth daily.

Eat a healthy breakfast

If you are trying to diet, many dieters skip breakfast but these results in more overeating later in the day. Health experts say the best thing to do for your body mind and soul is to eat a balanced breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day because you are jumpstarting your metabolism for the entire day, this will inevitably help you manage your weight. Eating breakfast is also good for your teeth because it helps balance out your bacteria and plaque build up in the mouth.

Drink a lot of water

Sure you have been told to drink a lot water throughout your whole life, perhaps you have heard drink at least eight glasses every day, but it may not seem like much of an issue for you to be hydrated until you get a headache, kidney stones or plaque buildup with more cavities. In fact drinking water is one of the fastest ways to prevent the majority of health issues.