Celebrities are dubbed as one of the most creative people on the planet. Be it in the way they dress, the way they look and the way they express themselves. They always have their unique way of displaying their creativity. And we as their die hard fans would try to mimic their new style and even their looks. They serve as our models and inspiration for our own fashion.

One of the most common methods of self-expression is using the art of tattoos. Tattoos never fail the artists to express themselves and lately a ton of the most famous celebs have been obsessed with getting inked.

Getting tattoos have a lot of consideration like the exact part of your body where you want to get inked on. Interestingly, a lot of celebrities decided to get inked in one certain spot of their body, their hands! Some of them opt for dainty tattoos between their fingers while others go for big design that are very noticeable. Curious about whose stars went on the route for the beautiful hand tattoos? Read on.


Rihanna has a large variety of tattoos all over her body which shows she’s a work of art. She had her henna-inspired design in her left wrist down to her hand which reflects her bold personality.

Demi Lovato

Demi was thrilled to show off the new lion on her hand. However, not all fans are excited as they thought it was a copy of Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo. The actress wrote on Twitter that when you get a tattoo these days, it is not surprising to hear someone comment that it is a copy. However, this does not apply to her.

Carla Delevingne

Carla had her initials etched onto the side of her right hand shortly after her first inking. Other than the initials, she also had a lion tattoo in her index finger that has a striking resemblance to Demi’s latest tattoo.

Zayn Malik

This former One Direction singer has tattoos all over his body. But lately, he had this one particular noticeable henna-inspired tattoo in his hand.

Liam Payne

Another former One Direction band member Liam had an extremely large tattoo in his both hands. These are not henna-inspired unlike Zayn though. On his right was a floral design while a bird is on the other side.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has 31 tattoos in his body in total and one of them is a huge bird on his hand. It was based on a 1994 movie “The Crow” about a man that was murdered.

David Beckham

Expression of love is also one of the purpose of tattooing. Take David Beckham for instance. He had the affection for his wife displayed in both of his hands. The main portion of the design spells out the word “Victoria” in a beautiful script that shows his undying love for his wife, Victoria Beckham.

Kelly Osbourne

If you want to go minimalist, take Kelly’s symbolic tattoo on her right hand. Other than this, she also had a cross symbol in her fingers that eternalized her friendship with Jaime Winstone.


We have our unique way of expressing ourselves and tattoos will never fail you in this purpose. If you want it to be visible, then hand is one of the perfect locations for you. If you run out of ideas on what design you want to inked on, check on the article. Your favorite celeb might be on the list.