As we become closer and closer to peak holiday season, there are lots of things we start to think about in advance. Things like ‘what is there to do at my holiday destination’, ‘who shall I book my travel insurance with’, ‘what shall I take with me’ and ‘what clothes should I wear’.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. We have highlighted some popular outfits that can be worn on your typical summer holiday.

The pool/ beach day

We all need at least one day of our holidays spent relaxing around the pool- that’s the whole point of a holiday – right?

Bikinis are great for relaxing around the pool, taking a quick dip and getting your tan on. If you one for swimming lengths rather than splashing about then a full swimsuit maybe more comfortable.

A bikini may also be your perfect choice for sunbathing on the beach but don’t forget the swim dress; great for relaxing in or paddling in the sea!

For those beach walks, a beach dress or a sarong over the top of your swimwear is a great choice. Keeps you sheltered from the sun and takes the edge off that seaside breeze.

The site seeing day

Site seeing days are great fun for adventure. It can be quite hot and tiring walking around especially if you are somewhere hot! Wearing something cool like a flowy dress will shelter you from the sun.

If you will be doing a lot of climbing and walking up steps you may want to go with a pair of comfortable shorts and would recommend a t shirt to avoid painful sun burn that may be uncomfortable for the remainder of your holiday.

Lots of walking will also require a nice pair of sandals or pumps that are going to be soft and comfortable on your feet. Avoid brand new flip flops that you have never worn as they may cause you blisters.

The evening meal and stroll

A nice end to a day of site seeing or relaxing by the pool is to go for some delicious food and have a little stroll around where you are staying. Dressing up in a nice dress is always perfect for your evening meal. If it gets a little cooler of the evening, take a cardigan or light jacket just to take that chill away.

The clubs and pubs kind of evening

If your one for checking out the local clubs and pubs whilst your away then choosing an outfit to suit the weather is key. A pair of high waisted shorts with a bardot top and some heels is a great look for clubbing. For a casual drink in the local pub garden, a playsuit or a summer dress is what you will need paired with some sandals.

Summer Holiday Clothing Checklist:

  • Bikini/ Swimsuit
  • Dresses
  • Shorts
  • Tops – t shirts, vest tops and bardot tops
  • Light jacket/ cardigan
  • Sandals, heels and pumps
  • Sarong
  • Underwear/ sleepwear

We hope this has given you some inspiration on what outfits you want to wear on holiday and now finally have an idea on what to pack!