When fashionistas look for a successful blend of culture and modern fashion specifically contemporary Indie designs; then it is not possible to not think of Sukhwinder Kaur. Sukhwinder is a pioneer of Indie fashion industry and is currently working as a creative director of SumSara- a contemporary sportswear and fashion brand. Sumsara has been a huge success and as a successful Indie face who is known around the fashion industry, Sukhwinder participated recently in Indie Faces successful London Fashion Week event. Participating in the event is one of the successes of Sukhwinder, but previously her dresses have been worn by famous models and public figures such as Lady Victoria Frederica Isabella Hervey and 2012 Miss Universe- Olivia Culpo.

Sidewinder is not only a fashion designer but also holds a bachelors of Science degree, and will be introducing her exciting new collection inspired by French and British Colonial India in Fall/Winter 2018.