One of the most important things men have learned from women or maybe they are still learning, is that no matter how harsh weather conditions are, there is no excuse for bad choices fashion wise. Men have to look decent and sharp whether there are 40 degrees outside or -10. This summer, all men should wear appropriate footwear. It’s not hard. Have a look at these three footwear essentials for this summer.

1. Moccasins

Moccasins or loafers are a type of shoe which is somewhat not part of the classic pattern. They are a sort of transition shoe, from sport shoes to classical shoes. The moccasin is a very light shoe, having as main purpose comfort. That is why they are an obvious choice for people who leave home in the morning and come back really late. If you had problems with swollen ankles and sore feet, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. High quality loafers allow freedom in movement and let your skin breathe. When they first appeared a few years ago, it was practically unconceivable to match them with jeans, since they were considered an elegant item, as opposed to the jeans, which are a piece of clothing from the sport’s area. But, as fashion evolved designers have found a way to match jeans with loafers. Simply chose elegant loafers a pair of slimmer jeans, which are not that sporty, along with a simple shirt and, if the situation requires, you may also add a modern jacket. Perfect casual look. Having various possibilities for matching with clothes, loafers seem to be the natural choice for summer footwear.

2. Flip flops

Even more comfortable than loafers, flip flops have become one of the most popular choices in men’s footwear. Perfect for the beach, vacations, long walks, flip flops have changed over the years to accommodate the needs of the modern man. From basic plastic to high quality leather, flip flops now come in a wide range of colors and designs, making them appropriate as everyday summer footwear. Of course, if you’re going someplace formal, make sure you leave the flip flops at home. To find the best flip flop designs, you can check Reef fanning flip flops for a variety of products. The great thing about Reef flip flops is the incorporated church key for opening soda bottles. Comfortable, stylish and durable, Reed flip flops are an excellent choice for the active man.

3. Sneakers

As far as elegance is concerned, sneakers are somewhere between flip flops and loafers. They are available in a huge variety of shapes, colors and fabric. During the summer, chose sneakers made of soft leather, suede or canvas. They will let your skin breathe, while making them light enough to be worn for many hours at a time. Canvas sneakers work great with basic jeans and T-shirt. The suede and leather ones can be matched with jeans and jacket, for a more casual look. But if you’re really fashion brave, wear your canvas sneakers with a suit and tie or bowtie, for an extravagant look at a party, wedding or any other event which is both formal and informal at the same time.

Footwear Ideas

So, what are you doing this summer for shoes?