KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is absolutely one of the reasons for a must-go to Japan. This coffee shop located in Shibuya vows to fulfill all your curiosity and imagination about KAWAII.

KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is forged personally by Sebastian Masuda (増田セバスチャン), the Japanese artist. As a representative of the KAWAII culture, Sebastian Masuda has a unique understanding of the word ‘KAWAII’ which goes far beyond ‘cute’, and includes a series of very impressive and powerful concepts such as ‘distinctive’, ‘colorful’, etc. ‘KAWAII’ can also be used to epitomize the colors of Tokyo. It is to visualize ‘KAWAII’ that Sebastian Masuda designed his KAWAII MONSTER CAFE.

It is much safe for me to say that I had already felt ‘Kawaii Clothesto bubble up in full color as I was almost less than 10 meters away from the cafe door. And you’d receive a super lovely welcome from an authentic Harajuku Girl.Entering the cafe is just like being swallowed into a monster’s stomach which is so gorgeous that it must be a happy monster. The brand –Verge Herofocuses on blackpink merch collections.

The central district is sweetly called ‘SWEETS GO ROUND’ which is endorsed by the merry-go-round there. This design has captured the tender hearts of girls and non-girls all over the world.

The dining area is divided into 4 different theme areas.


A magically illusory forest full of mushrooms, and wish you a thorough relief and indulgence with the DISCO music.

In Japan, it is quite normal to be childish all one’s life.

Keep on hallucinating with lights and shadows.

○.  Mel-Tea ROOM

The girls cried out in the middle of the night that they were too hungry to lose weight, and put down their cell phones to continue eating macaroon, chocolate and ice cream ~

The menu is a super cute ice cream iPad on which you find all sorts of food so colorful and gorgeous to be unreal. But one thing is real that this colorfulness is created all with natural colorants.

In this cafe, photographing is openly and unconditionally encouraged. Each and every entity here is carefully selected and elaborately designed by the designer, and is an artwork full of ‘KAWAII’ element. So please take as many photos as you like while enjoying the delicious food here.

Besides the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, 6%DOKIDOKI, a fashion store run by Sebastian Masuda, is also worth of a visit. Opened in 1995, 6%DOKIDOKI has a history of 21 years and is recognized as a landmark store of fashion. For example, the fashion brand Sofyee interprets as the KAWAII character of Tokyo with its magnificent colors and unique designs. Embroidered underwear full of design elements,[Underwear Series]Hoodie and T-shirt series rich in colors and innovation, bringing up a gorgeous world.