A genuine shearling gilet may be the most important item you add to your wardrobe this season. Not only are they exceptionally versatile, they are also long wearing and durable, so that you get the best of both worlds.

A Versatile Wardrobe Staple 

Taking the fashion market by storm, fur gilets have become a staple in the wardrobes of many shoppers. Fortunately, they can be found in a broad range of styles and colours, with something to please virtually any consumer. They can be worn over sweater dresses, turtlenecks, short-sleeved shirts and jeans, tee-shirts or even formal attire.

You can pair a long shearling gilet with a sweater dress or skirt or combine it with a silk shirt and slim fitting jeans for a great year-round look. You may also wish to wear a short gilet to over a tank top or tee-shirt during spring or choose a longer style to pair with a cashmere top or a leather ensemble during autumn or winter. Because they are a year-round staple, many consumers opt to invest in several different styles so that there is a beautiful, luxurious gilet on hand for any occasion. Additionally, shearling gilets can be found in various colours, and therefore it is not difficult to find one that matches your favourite apparel.

A Shearling Gilet as a Winter Coat

Surprisingly, you can even opt to use a shearling gilet as a winter coat. This is not as outlandish as it may at first seem. In fact, it is a new trend in many areas of the world. It is done by simply layering your clothes appropriately, using one piece as the foundation underneath, a middle layer, and then the shearling gilet as the final piece on top.

For example, begin with a thick tank, add a thin blouse, and then a cashmere sweater. Finally, add a long shearling gilet and top off your outfit with a fur bobble hat or other headwear. Many fashion experts suggest that layering is not only a classic, stylish look, but also the best way to stay warm during cold weather.

Practical Benefits 

Although your goal may be to wow your friends as a fashionista, you will find that shearling gilets offer practical benefits as well. For example, because they are made from authentic animal fur and sheepskin, they offer exceptional longevity and do not require complicated care. Additionally, unlike many fashionable wardrobe pieces that are uncomfortable to wear, shearling gilets literally wrap you in luxury and comfort. Perfect for autumn or winter weather, they also keep you cosy without making you too warm. Regardless of what your fashion preferences are, you cannot go wrong adding one or more lovely shearling gilets to your wardrobe this season. Click here for more information.