Rania Dalloul is a Lebanese lawyer and Business woman, who also have interest in politics. Personal life

Rania Dalloul was born on the 19 of January 1973 in Lebanon. At the age of two, her family fled to Europe due to Middle East war. Her father, Fakhri Dalloul, a respectable business man already had plans for her joining the family business (the Dalfa group) which he started in 1983.Rania Dalloul had to attend had to attend the Panthéon-Assas University in Paris where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1991. But having dreams of becoming a lawyer, Rania Dalloul later obtained the DEUG degree in Law and she joined the Sorbonne University from which she graduated in 1995 with a degree in International Law.

Even though Rania Dalloul became well known and as a philanthropists like her mother, she has carried numerous philanthropic activities in places like India, Cambodia and the Middle East. Aside her 8 children she has adopted 18 other children from India and has also supported social works through donations in various organizations. With all these numerous and diverse attention needed from her, she remained humble and very close to her family and friends.


Her career started in 1996 when she became an intern to the Lawyer of President Jacque Chirac, although her entire career is centered around Dalfa group as the Legal Adivser. She Worked tirelessly in helping establish this company as one of the leading global real estate marketing companies, with offices in the US, Lebanon, Europe, UAE and Nigeria. The company operates, develops, leases and manages high-end properties worldwide. By 2011 the company spanned into franchising business with a number of restaurant chains such as Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone, Hardee’s, Moti Roti, Sahtein, Gustronomy and Auntie Anne’s. It also has a fleet of yachts for chartered cruises.

Interest in Politics

Rania Dalloul has undoubtedly shown her interest in the political sphere. As strong feminist and her steadfast fighter for the human rights, she was one of the numerous who stepped out to the streets in London, to Match against President Donald Policy’s towards women rights.


Rania Dalloul is among the new generation muslim women who have interest in sports and fitness. Rania is very serious about sports and fitness. She is skilled triathlon athletic which has taken her to competitions and cross country races. She also practices Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga followed by meditations which allow her to balance her inner being and better channel her energy.

Another interest of Rania’s is Mediterranean cuisine. She loves it when her big family is gathered over a dinner prepared by her, and has gone as far as publishing a cook book for to enjoy from her recipes.