Are you going on a date with the woman or man of your dreams? Are you worried that you won’t hit it off? Well, we can’t guarantee how the date will go. What we can do is help you prepare for it.

Here are some essentials you will need for your date.

A jacket

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl. It doesn’t matter whether your date night is in a restaurant. You always need to accompany yourself with a jacket. Why? Well, for starters, you don’t know if the plan will change or not.

Remember, dates are not about following itineraries. Instead, it is about doing what seems right, at the moment. Who knows if you’ll end up strolling in a park. It is always good to have a jacket in case it gets chilly. You can opt for a cool pink leather jacket or a sophisticated coat.

If you are a girl, you might think that it is super romantic for the guy to lend his jacket to you, right? However, in today’s world of empowered women, that is not the message you want to send across. You want to come off as an independent. And having your own jacket certainly sets the tone.


Most good dates end with kisses. Now, you wouldn’t want your date to get disgusted by the garlicky smell in your mouth, right? After you have had your dinner, the chances are your breath won’t be fresh. While stinky breath doesn’t really matter if you are with someone for a long time, during the initial days it matters. Therefore, you must carry mints with you. Pop some out when you are done eating. Make sure your first kiss is perfect and doesn’t remind you or your date of what you ate.


Unexpected rain might seem romantic in theory. But, it is anything but. The last thing you would want is to get soaking wet on your date. This is why having an umbrella in your car is crucial. Whether it be an overly sunny day or a rainy one, an umbrella always comes in handy. This rule holds true more for guys, especially if you are picking your date up.

Makeup essentials

Now, this is directed at women only. When you are going out for your date, you must keep your touch up makeup essentials with you in your purse. Let’s say you reach the venue earlier or during the date you can feel your makeup wearing off. You can quickly excuse yourself and go to the restroom to freshen your look. This allows you to look flawless in your date.


Make sure you tick this checklist before heading out to your date. Remember to enjoy the moment. Be yourself. Who knows, maybe you are meeting your soul mate! Impress her or him by doing your preparation beforehand.

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