Hair extensions are exceptional hair accessories that you can purchase to attain that perfect look every day. Although the most straightforward way of getting hair extensions is by going to a beauty salon, this method can be somewhat costly. Instead, you can purchase hair extensions online and discover how to install them yourself.

To ensure that you get the right set of hair extensions, here is a fast and straightforward shopping guide to consider:

Hair Extension Type

Hair extensions are categorised based upon how they are set up or connected to your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions is short-term hair extensions that you can set up and get rid of whenever you desire. They are easy to set up with or without the support of a hair stylist.

Tape in hair extensions, On the other hand, is the fastest method of application. A volume application usually takes 10 to 30 minutes, and the full-length use takes 40 to 60 minutes only. Quality tape in hair extensions can last for a few weeks to a couple of months with appropriate care and upkeep.

Virgin Human Hair Extensions

The very best hair extensions are made from 100% human virgin hair. Although they are more expensive than Remy hair extensions, human hair looks better and lasts longer, too. Remy hair extensions are likewise made from human virgin hair, however, are dealt with by chemicals before or throughout the production phase. Ideally, set aside a budget for human virgin hair extensions as they will stay in good shape for a more extended amount of time.

Hair Extensions Care and Maintenance

Hair extensions in Sydney are usually pricey; you have to learn about care and maintenance to guarantee they last for a more extended period. For one, refrain from taking out your hair extensions. Taking out hair extensions after use might lead to irreversible damage. Be cautious when selecting styling items for your hair, too. If possible, attempt to prevent putting your hair extensions on a braid before sleeping as this can result in deformity. You likewise have to be diligent in brushing your hair extensions routinely, so they keep their smooth and shiny qualities.

Frequently-asked questions about hair extensions

If you are considering hair extensions for the very first time, you may have several concerns running through your mind. It is necessary to acquire a clear understanding of hair extensions to get the most value for your money. Below are the top three most typical questions of first-timers inquire about hair extensions.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Hair extensions usually do not cause damage to natural hair. You are however required to take extra care of your natural hair if you intend on utilising hair extensions for extended periods of time. Make sure to employ the ideal kind of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products. Also, we highly suggest performing a thorough examination of the attachments every four weeks. Routine evaluation of accessories makes sure that you can enjoy your tape-in extensions for a more extended period along with change or include more attachments if required.

What kind of hair care products should I use for hair extensions?

Moisture and nutrition are 2 of the most crucial things that your natural hair and tape in hair extensions require. To ensure that they look and feel healthy for many months, you have to make sure that human hair extensions are nurtured with wetness locking ingredients. Pick a shampoo and conditioner set that is strengthened with natural active ingredients known to keep the hair moisturised all day long. It’s also advised to use hair masks at least two times weekly if you want to keep the lustre and shine for your tape in hair extensions.

What extensions method suits you?

The hair extension method must be based upon your lifestyle and your preferred look. Do you want something that you can quickly eliminate after a day of use? Alternatively, do you desire something more long-term in nature? Other factors that need a significant factor to consider are your usual activities in addition to accessories such as hats, caps, and scarves simply among others. The type of hair extension will also depend on the general quality of your natural hair. Is your hair wavy, fine or straight? The answer to those concerns will eventually help you decide whether you need to purchase tape hair extensions or clip in hair extensions.