Most women dream of their wedding day from the time that they are a little girl playing dress up and putting a dish towel on their heads to represent the veil. As we grow older we dream of our perfect man who is going to stand next to us at the altar. With each boyfriend we envision the type of dress we will wear and what the wedding will be like. We get proposed to and now we can finally go dress shopping for real.

As a plus size woman you may already be anxious as to what the bridal shop may have in your size. And what if what they offer you isn’t flattering at all? Instead of panic or the need to conform to the trends of a-line princess dress or even a prom reinvented ball gown, you have other options. It’s 2018 and I don’t know about you but I’ve waited a long time to get married and I refuse to wear anything other then what makes me feel beautiful.

The great thing is that women don’t have to live inside the box when it comes to their wedding fashion. There are stunningly beautiful designs for women of all ages and sizes that exist. Just because you are getting married doesn’t mean that the dress has to be white and satin with lace. You have the right to wear any color dress you want and to cater your wedding ceremony around the theme of that dress.

Being beautiful in a wedding dress does not mean being conventional. A bride and especially a full figured bride can wear anything she wants. If want to wear a more traditional dress but don’t want to have a traditional color there are brides wearing red, purple, pink or blue dresses. There are also gorgeous wedding dresses in antique white, which gives the color an older look but doesn’t compromise on the style or even black gothic.

Now if the gothic style is more of what you are interested in rather than just going for a non white dress there are stunning options without looking like your wedding dress is a costume. The beauty in gothic clothing in general is that you are dealing with corsets, snaps and ties. A gothic style gown is set up to flatter curves and to snatch in a woman’s waist. The gothic/Victorian style bodice is quite flattering to a woman’s bust. You should have the kind of shape on your wedding day that makes you feel you made the perfect choice. I don’t think any bride just wants to look cute; they want to feel beautiful and sexy. And the great thing is gothic can achieve that and it’s not some new style that hasn’t been seen before.

If anything do an internet search to at least see what exists in gothic dresses. Look up gothic wedding dresses, gothic short wedding dresses, medieval gothic wedding dresses and plus size gothic wedding gowns. Each search will give you something totally different and will help you to decide if you want to order online or possibly get a custom made dress. If you have the time while planning your wedding to wait for your perfect dress, you should have it! size gothic

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