Wearing expensive clothes is not just about status symbols. Though many of us love to engage in this ‘conspicuous consumption’ of luxury goods, be it expensive cars, fancy gadgets, extravagant watches etc. etc., these aren’t merely tools to compete in the ‘mating-market’, especially wearing branded or exorbitant clothes. They also give you a sense of confidence and pride. Here’s a list of 6 outfits that define your luxurious taste. Try these and be ready to be known as the ‘luxe strategist’!

Maxi Dresses
A maxi-dress might be the perfect solution if you are not a bare-your-legs kind of a person. And if you are a bit of both, you may want to rock with a side slit in your dress. There are numerous options with each giving you a glamorous and a gorgeous too! You can experiment with a strapless, off shoulder, a high-low option or a deep neckline. Mossy earth tones can turn out to look drab and dull, on

the other hand, bold-floral prints are a fun way to add some brightness to any look. Dark-Colored Lambswool Pullover

Invest in a well-made lambswool or cashmere sweater. Wear them with some straight fit pants for an undeniable sleek look. You may want to team this attire with a pair of loafers, and it would define your high understanding of style. For a

casual yet luxe look, tuck in a small edge of your sweater into your jeans.

.Straight Skirt with a Smart Blouse
Be it for a date-night or your workwear, this classic combo can rarely ever go wrong. It is also an excuse to glam up any cocktail or other formal occasions and surely gives you that extra graceful and tender look. If you plan to wear a

short skirt, wearing it with over-the-knee boots would add oodles of elegance to your outfit.

Khadi-Silk Kurt

According to the top fashion designers in India, once you make an investment in a great-quality silk kurta, it’ll take you a long way. Go for a full sleeve, they are super trendy and will keep you warm. Though the traditional salwar or chudidaar look extremely elegant, you may want to wear the kurta with some straight pants or a flared ankle-length skirt. This Indo-Western fusion is the ideal luxe attire that speaks for itself. Amp up your style quotient as the kurta is an exemplification of royalty.

Little Black Dress

When it comes to your luxurious taste, LBD plays a key role. It’s a classic and is synonymous with being sophisticated and graceful. Small little details like lace, cuts and necklines can turn the dress into the talk-of-the-town. If you wish to make your dress a little edgier, layer it up with a leather jacket. Wearing some nude shoes with your dress will make you Miss long-legs! Or if you are wearing

it in the cold winter days, a pair of black tights will give you the just-right look for an extravaganza.

Trench Coat
A statement-making Trench Coat will make you warm on the inside and hot on the outside. It’s not just a winter necessity but also a great way to make even the most basic and regular clothes transform into a stylish ensemble. Layer your coat over a tee, your everyday jeans and sexy pumps and you are ready! Or just team it up with leather pants to give your outfit a voguish look altogether. A statement shoe would seal the deal, be it strappy-heeled sandals or long boots! On a boring, cold-sun day, when everything feels dull, you can make your outfit a reason for many to smile!

No wonder these outfits define your rich taste and exorbitant style, but it’s not just expensive clothes that make you classy. Be a little cautious, going overboard with brands is only going to make you look like a wannabe! Another very important thing is, no matter what or who you are wearing if it doesn’t fit you well, stay away from it! And finally, your luxurious taste is most visible in your mannerism. A simply turned out, well-mannered person is far more attractive than a rude person dressed in Gucci.
Being well dressed is important but being confident about wearing is the key that defines the real You!

LUXURY MUST BE COMFORTABLE, OTHERWISE, IT IS NOT LUXURY’                                                                                                                        – COCO CHANEL.