No matter how many fashionable branded shoes you wear, a homemade shoe gives a different kind of warming vibe, especially when it’s made with high-quality leather. Leather is generally expensive so we could assume your handmade leather shoes to be expensive. So, don’t you think such expensive assets need to be protected well, cleaned well? But here is one important fact to consider. The cleaning process of a leather shoe is a bit different than any other shoe. If you don’t follow some basic rules while cleaning your expensive, favorite shoes can get damaged. Don’t be worried. Here we are to guide you. Spare some time and Read out this article top to bottom:-

Don’t ever use water- There is a strict rule. You can’t use water to clean your leather shoes. Water gets harsh on leather and makes it damaged. Also it will take around 2-3 days to get dry. So do not try this technique if your shoe is made with pure leather. Most people are unaware about this fact and they used to clean it with water. As a result shoes don’t last longer. So, it’s a warning. Don’t do that to your leather shoes ever.

Take a soft brush- If the scars are visible it’s easy to remove. Point out the scars and apply a soft brush. Now gently scrub it on the area of scars. Don’t scrub quickly. Be patient, be gentle with your shoes. Keep scrubbing until you are seeing the scars are being faded. This may take some time but it’s the safest way to clean your leather shoe.

Use talcum powder- This may sound goofy but it works amazingly. If you notice any oil strain it would be difficult to remove it with just a brush. In such cases, you need to use talcum powder. Apply it on the oiled portion. Leave it for at least 3-4 hours. The talcum powder has an amazing power to absorb oil or oil-related substances. So this will completely absorb that stubborn oil. But yes again you have to spare some time and wait.

Cornstarch could be an alternative- If you don’t have talcum powder at this moment don’t worry you could fix the problem with an alternative solution. Apply cornstarch but this time you have to wait for more. You have to give it at least 8-9 hours’ time to engross the oil substance completely.

Clean every day with a soft cloth- This is what we all can do. You must have soft clothes in your home. Use it, wipe it on the surface of the shoe. This will keep your shoes clean in an everyday manner.

Hope you follow every instruction deliberately and get to see your shoes are shining like the new pairs.