There are only a few ladies, who do not really care about her outfit due to some reasons like having no time to shop because she is just too busy with this and that or maybe not interested with fashion and style. Anyway, we cannot deny the fact that such type of ladies do exist, but living in London will surely drag you to care about how you dress because the influence is just too strong. If you are going to observe women from this place, then you will notice that they are dressed nicely and with a style.

I guess, these ladies really need some motivations from popular garment personalities and shops in London and it would be great to follow them via social media like the Instagram of Om and Ah. Anyway, the good thing about being a follower is for you to be notified when they have updates on the shop because there are vouchers, discounts or promotional offers that only you may see. Remember that they are entrepreneurs and they use social media to reach out to their target viewers.

Now, if you can only check on their posts, then you will have the chance to get their latest products. If you know that their items are hot and in demand, other ladies will not waste a second because they know that a lot of women are quietly waiting for a certain item, too. I guess, you just need to be updated and be a follower to make sure that you will know everything about what fashion style is trending in London today.

Throw-on-and-go Dress

Who would have thought that wearing a long-sleeved dress would one day be a trend in London? In some places only older or old-fashioned ladies get to wear this long dress, but now that it was already given appreciation, you will surely want to wear one because it has turned out to be a part of the fashion sensation today.

What makes it more interesting is the printed design of this pretty dress. This includes animals, flowers, shapes and anything you can think of is possible. Visit for more information.


Ladies usually like wearing high heeled shoes, but this is not always the case when it comes to a trendy outfit. You should also try the DM or Dr Martens Boots as well as hiking boots. It is made of leather material and comes with various accessories like buckle or lace.

Luckily, it is available in black colour because you can easily match it with other colours. The boots might be flat, but you can wear it with a skirt, pants or dress. This could be a part of your outfit for any occasion and changing weather as well.

Slip Skirt

It may look formal for some people to wear a long skirt made of satin, but this fabric can actually suit in different situations. In fact, it fits great on tall ladies because this is how the skirt is emphasized.

You can choose a plain one or it could be printed, too. And then, you may wear it with any blouse on top. Depending on your preferred shoes, you may wear high heels, flats or boots.

This outfit is very simple, yet elegant. It shows femininity, fashion and style. 

Camel Coat

Pretty sure that you cannot miss having a camel coat – go to this site for further reading. It is not just a trend in London, but in different parts of the world, too. This coat will be very helpful, especially when the season is changing.

Another thing, a lot of people are using a coat whenever they go out. You can put on this trench camel coat even with a belt. It actually adds more class and formality when wearing this.

So the occasion will not always matter as long as you are coming with your coat on. In my opinion, you are even respected not only in the fashion industry but also at your workplace.

Wide leg jeans

Do you feel like it is too classic to wear wide-leg jeans? If you will notice, the wide part of the jeans is the lower portion. In fact, this type of jeans is from the old days and it has come back today. 

This style is common among ladies and they can use it in casual or formal events, depending on the fabric used. Though most of the fabric is denim, while others customized it and use shiny leather as well.

By the way, these wide-leg jeans are also comfortable to wear every day, especially when you are just thinking about hanging around the shopping malls, parks or restaurants. This will always remind you that you can put on a simple and casual attire without the fear of losing your sense of style.