For lovers of perfect shirt there are strict rules.

And we do not just talk about cutting, finishing but also bleaching and ironing.

The shirt must have an immaculate appearance, no halo, and above all it must not be presented as an unaesthetic folds, because what makes the difference are the ironing operations  which must deliver an impeccable garment.

It is not impossible to iron a shirt well but it is a rather complex operation, especially if you want to get an excellent result.

There are precise rules to ensure a good ironing starting from the first steps that suggest an approach to the ironing board with not perfectly dry shirts.

Furthermore a good result is facilitated by the very first operation that it is good practice not to forget placing on the hanger the shirt just removed from the washing machine.

After washing it is useful to place the shirt directly on a hanger, but not before having carefully stretched the fabric with your hands to dry without being too wrinkled.

No iron for men’s shirts Singles and career women, who have little time or desire to iron their shirts, can be let loose by the so-called easy-fitting shirts made using an ad hoc fabric.

No iron for men’s shirts is an excellent condition to have more free time available and certainly not at the expense of a perfect shirt.

If in the past this type of shirt did not collect the maximum of success today to push men and women to purchase is the certainty that to make them they are used entirely natural fibers such as cotton.

Knowing how to wear a fresh shirt with a flawless look, which will remain so for long hours, also convinces the less inclined to purchase an ‘easy ironing’ garment.

If in the past to produce or market them were not many today the market offers a good number of brands and brands that are making a must, collecting a good success.

The specialized companies in shirts introduce specific lines of easy ironing shirts.

The most careful brands are not limited to choose natural fabrics with a very low percentage of light solvents, which contribute to stiffen the fabric because it does not produce folds.

Today, the most attentive brands tend to use new cotton fibers such as long ones, which guarantee a fabric that resists creases and wrinkles very little, precisely because of its consistency and not due to the presence of chemical elements.Easy ironing shirts: a wide variety on the market

 Today the production of easy ironing shirts is wide and respectful of the aesthetic taste, of the trends and of the environment. In practice for those who always want to appear in perfect order, according to a very personal style, today there are more chances to find the right model. There are many companies that for each model, size and colour realize both traditional solutions and easy ironing shirts