Many of the fashion designers are available with the different trends and majority of them have their unique fashion signature look. Mother of pearl has entire collection and expansion of the brands that include variety of items. The most exciting category of the brand includes ready to wear items that is a compliment for the women. The brand also includes impressive footwear options and latest handbag collections. The response of the highly stylish and dramatic wearable fashion is quite famous for the prints, colors, fashion mixed styles.

The brand is currently available online so that you can refer to quality and unique look of the brand items. As a creative director, Amy Powney is quite efficient to design and cultivate the latest trends and designs for the customers. The founder Maia Norman has equally created a huge collection for the nineties, seventies and sixties. The trendy ideas of pick and mix strategies are clever approach to increase the brand producing their products with different ideas.

Powney came with the idea of artful fashion that is unaffected with the trends which influenced a lot more people to join the trend. She introduced the dresses with a show.

Mother of pearl

  • The show was opened with long and relaxed dresses with wide legged trousers.
  • Fun skirts, Great color coats in leather and faux fur with the impressive prints.
  • Athletic and beach wear that used to define the brands of early days during nineties.

The evolution of the FW 16 trends came with latest designs and trends in the accessories, shapes, fabrics, lengths and color.

  • The material availability of in sweatshirts, brushed wool, knits, silk, fringes while available in mini and midi lengths.
  • Varieties of colors are available the brand such as forest green, black, white, electric blue, pale pink, vermilion and cement grey.
  • Accessories are available such as short colored socks; silk printed inner bags, patterned velvet, and leather, PVC shoppers.