Fashion trends should be used with taste and a serious amount of discernment. Your sense of style should be predicated by your own unique tastes; your clothing choices should reflect your unique style “identity”. Trends are the way you add spice and interest to your outfits; they add relevance to your basic wardrobe. With that being said, below are some of the best men’s Spring fashion trends of 2018 to help you refine your wardrobe.

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are an anomaly. They can be either highly fashionable and striking, or in the wrong context, extremely tacky and far too 90’s-esque. The size and pattern of stripe makes all the difference; when in doubt, play it safe with a mono-pattern, neutral stripe tee or button down. Also, unless you are extremely confident in your apparel abilities, you may want to avoid mixing stripes with any other pattern.

Tonal Looks

Tonal dressing is essentially matching colors and hues across an entire outfit, with the possibility of a neutral piece to break things up a bit. Tonal dressing is beautifully simply and versatile. You can pull off a mostly understood look with a neutral tonal color, like grey, or be a bit bolder with certain pastel shades. Try and keep the number of tonal items in your outfit to a max of three.

Loose Denim

This is one of the best, most season-fitting looks of this year. Loose denim (sometimes referred to as “dad denim”) toes the line between slim and relaxed. These jeans are relaxed without being sloppy, and have a sense of fun sophistication about them. These jeans are best worn cuffed or cropped in the leg.

Outdoor Wear

One of the biggest trends on the men’s fashion runways this year was utility or outdoor wear. Some great examples of outdoor wear are slim cargo pants, weatherproof jackets, and utility-style backpacks. Anoraks or windbreakers are a fantastic choice in this category. Jackets like these are riding the spring fashion trend with poise; designers are now offering color-blocked styles, unique pastels, and a variety of shapes and builds.

Hawaiian Print Shirts

Ah, the ever-persistent Hawaiian shirt. Once only worn by persistent dads and annoyingly ironic hipsters, the large floral print shirt has once again become a legitimate style choice for the warmer seasons. This new trend is thankfully bringing with it some less tacky options — think subtle, small prints, tasteful color schemes, and a slimmer fit.

Side Stripe Pants

While some may think that “athleisure” is dead, the movement may be morphing into more tasteful collaborations of athletic-inspired apparel paired with more traditional streetwear. One of the best examples of this phenomenon is the side-stripe pant. What you pair these pants with makes all the difference. Slim-profile, minimalist trainers or canvas sneakers work great. A denim jacket is also a smart way to break up the purely athletic look. When it comes to track pants, slimmer is better if you want to avoid looking frumpy.

Checks and Plaid

While plaid has never really been out of style (and likely never will be) there is a new, unique move on the world of plaid this season. One of the best options for Spring this year is windowpane plaid; its spaced-out, roomy look is fresh enough for Spring.