The essence of a big fat Indian wedding rests in the happy faces of the family members, bride and groom, and friends. A Marathi wedding too encompasses all the right elements that make the imperfections of the couple perfect for each other. 

Post the matchmaking, via any Marathi matrimony website, the bride and groom, along with their families, set the dates for the engagement and wedding.  That said, Maharashtrian wedding rituals are quite vibrant yet simple. 

So, let’s discuss the quintessential pre-wedding ceremonies that are vital for a Marathi wedding.

Important Pre-Wedding Rituals in a Maharashtrian Wedding

The advent of all Maharashtrian wedding rituals is Aaple Lagna. It occurs with the guidance, support, and role of family members, as the familial bond is the strongest in the Marathi culture. Once you send Lagna Patrikas, this is how you incorporate them into the wedding plan. Here, let’s see the common pre-wedding ceremonies that take place in a Marathi wedding:

#1 Lagnaach Bedior

The horoscopes or Patrikas of the bride and groom get matched before further proceedings. This ritual was prevalent earlier when Maharashtrian weddings were arranged by family members and friends.But now, with the help of any Marathi matrimony app you can find the right partner. After that, the family priest fixes the auspicious time & date for the wedding and vidhi. 

#2 Sakhar Puda

SakharPuda is the official engagement occasion or Roka ceremony in Maharashtrian or Marathi weddings. It is signified by sweets or Sakhar! The mother of the groom applies Haldi-Kumkum on the forehead of the bride. It’s an important gesture that signifies blessings from the mother-in-law. She also gifts her jewellery, sari, and most importantly, Sakhar Puda or sweets.

The bride’s mother follows the same ritual with the groom-to-be. After it gets completed, the couple then exchanges the engagement rings as part of wedding rituals. Now, this ceremony gets celebrated immediately upon the Maharashtrian vidhi is picked or during the pre-wedding time.

#3 Muhurt Karane

After the Maharashtrian wedding’s vidhi gets fixed and the celebration of the engagement is over, the wedding preparation gets started. The preparation starts months ahead of the D-day. Suhasanies or married women are invited by the mother of the soon-to-be bride. 

Suhasanies make turmeric powder and Sandege (spice powder and pulses and) in mortar & pestle used later. Another important event during the pre-wedding time is the rolling of Papad Activity, safely known as Muhurt Karane.

And then the shopping begins! The women hold the Rukhvat by decorating artistically and showing the bridal lehengas as well as sarees, besides kitchen utensils, jewellery, sweets, and other trousseaus. This is an important pre-wedding ritual performed in a Marathi wedding.

#4 Kelvan

Kelvan gets performed a couple of days before the D-day. Both families perform the Puja to the family deity or Kuldevta for blessings. The ceremony is followed by meals among the family and relatives.

#5 Halad Chadavane

The next comes the Halad Chadavane! Haldi happens to be an auspicious wedding element in Maharashtrian customs. And celebrations get conducted at their homes by using a mixture of turmeric powder blended with aromatic oils. This blend gets applied to the groom and bride so that their skin gets radiant during the time of the wedding. Both the bride & groom are given a bath with the sacred water. Both of them are barred from going out of their house after the Haldi ceremony.

Chuda is yet another important pre-wedding occasion that needs a mention here. During Chuda, the bride and relatives wear green bangles. And in the midst of a fun-filled surrounding, women sing songs and enjoy the ritual. The green bangles get mixed with gold and pearl bangles. The bride is only allowed to remove Chuda after one month of her wedding.

In a Marathi wedding, green is a symbol of freshness and rejuvenation. It’s adopted in Maharashtrian culture and can also be witnessed in the wedding decorations, attires of bride & groom, etc.

Wrapping up

Just how pre-wedding shoots have become an integral part of modern weddings, pre-wedding rituals in Marathi weddings (and other Indian weddings) have their significance ever since time immemorial!

The Marathi marriage ceremony starts after the Muhurta Patra gets set up. The Muhurta Patra is the process of measuring the time for counting auspicious wedding moments. The sign of the Marathi bride is the half-moon bindi. This is a depiction of worshipping of goddess Parvati, and it signifies prosperity and good luck.

So, these are the authentic Marathi pre-wedding ceremonies that are vital in a traditional wedding!