When you are a wholesaler for kids’ clothing, you would like to get more and more clients to come up to you for buying stock for their shops or for their own small business. You will have to plan in advance about the things that you can do to get your business moving.

  • Go for planning and executing a campaign – Make some endeavors to plan for a campaign where you get most retailers to land up and look at your clothes stock! You can hold this campaign in any small hall or even in the basement of your apartment. There should be some space so that few people can sit and show the different brochures and pictures of the new fashion trend and the corresponding stock that you have of the kids clothing wholesaler Suncity. Innovative event will make it a talk of the day over media also and you get a good exposure.
  • Free marketing and social media – Use the social media for letting people know about your business. You can create a page so that you upload all your exciting goodies and let people know about your business. You can keep your clients connected to the page by tagging them. They come to know about your plans and programs. They can in turn make their friends aware of your innovative ways in business. The people from the modern worlds will appreciate your digital business plans and packages for the clients that you often bring up.
  • Building up rapport with your clients – You can find out the email addresses of the people coming into your site or to your social media pages. Then you can send them emails or send a postcard to their address directly. Keeping your prospective customers posted about the new entries in your stock will give them reasons to think. They will soon try to order some and check how they sell. You need to maintain cordial relation with your existing clients too. You will have to keep them informed about your new ventures and also take care of the fast delivery of their orders.
  • Make time and give a proper training to your employees – You are a business person and will not be there in your office throughout the day. You will have meetings with your clients and other important things to attend to. Make arrangements so that the employees get trained thoroughly. This will give them reason to become responsible and they would know how to keep your clients happy and satisfied.
  • Pricing can be a strategy for better business art – Pricing is an art and you must keep prices competitive. There should be enough profit for you while it can compete with your nearest competitor. You will have to understand how the competitors are keeping their pricing. You should also know the market and the new fashion trend to do the proper pricing. There are times when you will have to think of putting up a discount and it will also need right kind of pricing. While going for the pricing, you should also keep in mind the operating cost and the actual cost of the products. After taking into consideration these simple things, you can start pricing your goods so that you get to sell the goods and earn a comfortable profit.