I  just stumbled upon this luxury leather bags brand called NOBLE which I found to be amazing, and had to stop for a minute and write about it! This Montreal-based luxury leather goods company set out to create high-end luxury bags without charging their customers a fortune.

After interest sparked me, I reached out to Michael and Ralph, the founders of Noble, to see what their brand was all about. They told me that the idea came out when they were having a hard time finding premium quality leather bags that don’t cost between $1200 and $2000. Therefore they decided to do it on their own by getting 7 different designers and handcrafting the products themselves.

They also told me how they were able to eliminate the luxury markup by cutting the middle man, the retail space, and the expensive marketing.

They just opened their Indiegogo campaign and you can now pre-order their bags at a fraction of the price!

Show some love by heading to their campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/luxury-leather-bags-without-the-luxury-markup-backpack#/


Look at this sick backpack!

This Weekender is a BEAUTY!!

Want one of these soft totes! Head over to their indiegogo campaign! Get some super early bird prices!


These are only a few of their products, make sure you check them out here and show them some love: For more igg.me/at/noble-bags