Every year, when the first page of calendar is turned many hearts start to race a bit quicker, because it is that time of the year when those 3 magical words (for the uninitiated “I Love You”) are uttered in highest volume. At the same time we come across a huge spike in the cases of depression also, because if there is love, there are heartbreaks and loneliness too. Yes, we are talking about the Valentine’s Day. The day of Valentine’s Day gifts, the day of lovers, the day of love.

Valentine’s Day owe its name to Saint Valentine, a noble bishop, who gave up his life for the cause of love on February 14, 270 AD. The phrase “From your Valentine” became famous from his farewell letter to his beloved before he was about to be executed.

Present Day Ritual

Today, for most of us Valentine’s Day means treating our partner in the most special way possible. Shower them with love and care, and let them know how special they are for us. To express love couples take help of both tangible and intangible medium. Tangible medium includes Valentine’s Day gifts which range from flowers, chocolates, heart shaped balloons to those solitaire studded rings. The sale of couple special travel packages also surge in this season. At the same time, intangible medium is not far behind. The list contains poetry, heartfelt messages, introduction to the families, sharing the keys to apartment (some may say key is tangible, but then you are overlooking the actual gift which is acceptance).

Bring in some creativity

We often wonder why the same gifts given by different people (to same or different people, in case of Valentine’s Day I wish it would be ‘to different people’) have such a different impact. The secret lies in the order of presenting the gift. Add a dash of creativity to your gift, add a bit of intangibility to your Valentine’s Day gift it definitely will weave the magic around, it will catch your valentine in the moment of awe and needless to say it will make your day special. Simplest things like rose petals around the gift, aroma candles in the room, some balloons go a distance. And if you can put some origami in place it really can impress your valentine.

But, the most important or the biggest Valentine’s Day gift in the present day is “Time”. Placing order to send gifts, which would attract spending considerable amount of time does make your partner emotional. Mix tapes, a collage of memories is a tried and tested formula.

But, a vacation with your love is the ultimate gift because giving your beloved your entire day (if not more), your undivided attention is the best thing to wish for, isn’t it?  Not taking calls, checking mails, your Whatsapp, your Facebook, your Instagram, score of the match, all this can be a daunting task, but if Saint Valentine can sacrifice his life for love, we can survive a day without our gadgets, and in the presence of LOVE.