Underwear, for the longest time, has been a neglected fashion piece. No attention has been given to the underwear given they are mostly worn as the foundation for other clothing. Except when out on the beach or at the pool.

The recent changes in the world and human interactions have impacted fashion trends. The shift from the office work environment to the remote work impacted fashion tastes. Unlike before when most people were all about looking professional, what matters in the current world is comfort. 

As the fashion world’s pacesetter, the Italian style of underwear has taken the lead in setting trends in 2021. Here are some of the top trends to expect. 

  • Seductive colors 

Colors for underwear were never a big deal when they were not the center of attraction. It did not matter what color of underwear you were putting on as long as you looked dapper on your suit. The only other time when color mattered was when wearing one for your partner on special days like Valentine’s. Well, the color of choice for this is always red.

As underwear becomes part of regular clothing, color schemes are becoming more crucial. Italian underwear is adopting seductive colors for its uplifting and stimulating effects. You will need it to stay motivated when working from home.

  • Lacy looks 

After a whole year facing lockdown, the world is now opening up with the vaccination rollout. Once again, you could stroll the sandy beaches and take in the long-missed sun. There is no better way to appreciate nature than going with Italian lace lingerie.

  • Online shopping for underwear

Most shops have embraced online operations given the closure of the physical shops. Given the low operational costs in running online shops, there is no option of reverting to the physical ones again. It is now easier to get Italian lingerie from Boglietti and other related online fashion shops. You only need to stay keen when shopping online to ensure the right fit and style. 

  • A short set 

While the world might be going slower on various fronts, your intimate life should not. Maybe it’s time to drop that old baggy t-shirt you sleep on for the seductive Italian short-set piyama. The set will get you and your partner in the mood and for the glorious nights. 

  • Improved sports underwear 

Of all the underwear options, the sports bra and other underwear have not been given too much attention. The current world, however, has become more conscious of healthy living. Most people are adopting healthy lifestyles like exercising. For the best results when exercising you need proper clothing. The Italian underwear is looking to provide comfortable bras for the sessions. 

Bottom Line 

Whether you are headed to sleep, going out to the beach, or for your gym session, fine underwear is not forgeable. Having the right underwear comes with much confidence and cheer you need to achieve more. As usual, Italian underwear takes the lead in giving the best underwear trends to use in 2021.