The dress possibilities for prom day are endless. You must have clear ideas of what you want, be comfortable to dance until dawn with your classmates and, above all, look beautiful. One does not graduate every day; you have to enjoy it!

For the girls who are anticipating the big moment between May and June or even facing October or November, JVN guarantees to find the best graduation dresses available for 2019.

Of course, when you take a look at our collection, you will find long dresses, short dresses, long-sleeved dresses or cocktail dresses, but after all, the key to success during prom night lies in choosing the one that best suits your taste. That’s why we present a new insight highlighting the most expected models in our brand this prom season.

Glamor comes hand in hand with long models

One of the most chosen pieces on the day of graduation is usually a long dress. Within prom fashion, party dresses are not traditionally considered as ceremonial. However, Jovani designs are distinguished by mixing simplicity with glamor in which the central part is the long skirt that stylizes your silhouette.

Besides, you’ll find youthful designs, fashionable colors, elegant, comfortable to move like fish in the water, carrying smooth or stamped models, decorated with straps or sleeves. The variations according to style, personality and budget are practically limitless.

If you want to show your more fashionable side, and the weather in your city allows it, wear a long sleeve model. These cuts are very stylish and hardly require accessories to shine on their own. Although if the prom is held in a closed place, carrying a strapless dress or straps ends up being equally comfortable.

Be an icon of the daring prom style

The short prom dresses are the option most chosen by girls especially seniors because they feel much more comfortable and find them more suited to their age. Short prom dresses in Jovani are customized with many different cuts, depending on your physique some will fit you better than others. The skater cut is quite flattering, with a tight body and a wide skirt that comes from under the chest.

For the most flirty girls, we included dresses in which the cut is shorter than usual to presume if you have long legs and feel sexy. Don’t worry; you will never look “too sexy” wearing one of our short dresses because our specialty is to create designs that can accompany you and adjust to your dress code so that you will feel beautiful, sensual and safe thanks to a sober silhouette.

Following these lines, If you are concerned about choosing a dress that you can only use on that particular occasion, you can drop that mindset. The good thing about the short dresses is that you’ll be able to rock them on more occasions like birthdays, for a night out or dinner with friends. You can even reuse them at any time of the year.

Our color palette includes bright and cheerful colors to harmonize with the youthful style of the model. You can put the counterpoint in the complements, using them in a neutral color that combines them all.

Channel your inner empowered self with cocktail patterns

The cocktail style prom dresses are a more classic option; the length of the dress is approximately at knee height, depending on the model can even cover it. The most outstanding thing is that by wearing this model, you will channel a flirtatious, feminine woman going from a teenager to maturity. The key aspect is the right print, silhouette, and color along with a good heeled sandal will be enough to look and feel confident in your transition to an empowered and successful woman.

It should be noted that these dresses are usually reused in other celebrations of an official nature, as they will be too serious for a weekend party. The good thing is that these types of dresses are timeless and you can wear them at any time, and you will remain trendy.

Although there are many different models, you can also bet on more traditional pieces such as those without sleeves, with a round neck or slightly cut-off and loose skirt. Lately, our models with tube skirt have been very requested; feel free to carry one of those styles alongside some cute minimalist heels since they stylize the legs very well.