Our feet tend to spread out and change in size overtime. In such a situation, our old shoes can become tight and make our feet cramped. An effective option to address this change is to get wide fitting shoes. However, many people can’t identify when they need to shift to wider shoes since they don’t know their right measurements. In such a case, they can look out for the following signs that’ll help them determine if they need wider shoes.

A Bump on the Toe

Genetics or ill-fitting shoes can cause bunions. A bunion is a visible bump on the big toe. The bump becomes sensitive and causes pain whilst wearing narrow or pointed shoes. If a person does not shift to extra wide shoes, they would need to get surgery as the condition can worsen and cause extreme pain and discomfort. Thus, extra wide shoes are needed for people who have bunions.

Thick Skin Patches

Often times, corns and calluses develop on the feet due to tight shoes. This happens due to the friction caused between the narrow space in the shoes and the feet. Patches of the skin thicken and harden as the skin and bones are squeezed in tight shoes. Thus, swelling and thickened patches of skin are an indication to switch to wide fit shoes.

Wounds on the Skin

When the inner part of the shoe rubs against the foot, blisters develop as the foot is cramped up in the tightly fitted shoe. Blisters make the top layer of the skin sensitive, developing wounds which have the potential to become infected. Thus, wounds and blisters are a sign that the feet need extra wide shoes for space.

Discoloration of Toes

The top side of the toes tends to get discolored overtime due to the friction produced from the tightness of shoes. To restore the color of your toes, extra wide shoes are needed.

These kinds of symptoms are often left unnoticed as many people do not know their correct shoe size. If the warning signs aren’t noticed and treated early, they can cause major health problems. Thus, to prevent damage to your feet, get yourself wide fit shoes from the most reliable online store, Wide Fit Shoes, known to provide accurate shoe size coupled with comfort.