If you’re not the neighborhood’s most well-known fashionista, then you might have some hesitations when it comes to styling your jewelry. Even if you’re not the most up to date on current fashion or jewelry trends, you can still mix and match jewelry like a pro.

In earlier times, mixing and matching jewelry types wasn’t something we saw too often. Today, you have more freedom to mix and match silver jewelry with your gold jewelry and everything in between! The only thing stopping you from becoming the fashionista you know you’re meant to be is a tip or two about how to match your jewelry with style!

Fortunately, the answers you seek are in this very guide below. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about mixing and matching your jewelry pieces!

Place the Focus on One Section

There are plenty of different ways to mix and match your jewelry. One way to do so is to place the focus on one section of your body. Rather than having many different pieces on your neck, wrists, and fingers, try layering your jewelry on only one section. 

You can still wear jewelry on other sections, but keep the jewelry in other areas minimal. Think about where you’d like the focus to be. You can mix and match jewelry on your ears, neck, fingers (stacking rings), wrists, belly, or ankles. 

You can even find some rings that come in a pack as stackable rings. These rings are specifically made to be stacked on top of one another. Some even have curves on them to allow each ring to fit into one another like a glove!

If you love that look, then you should consider wearing a few rings that have chains connected to them. The chains fall from the rings and wrap around your wrists as bracelets. 

Place the Focus on One Piece of Jewelry

Another way to mix and match your jewelry is to place the focus on one piece of jewelry and work around it. This gives you something to use as your centerpiece. Just like if you were decorating a table around a beautiful flower centerpiece, you’ll do the same with your jewelry.

Make your favorite jewelry item the centerpiece of your body, and build around it. Is there one piece of jewelry you wear often? What other pieces would look great with it?

You can also choose a jewelry piece that catches the eye and grabs attention and build around that instead. For example, if you feel like showing off your oversized opal stone necklaces, then use it as your main point of focus and find other pieces to match with it. 

Get Creative With Stones

Speaking of stones, it’s time to get a bit creative! Wearing different types of stones is a great way to show your unique style. There are several different types of stones, all with their own meanings and uses. 

You can wear different jewelry with the same birthstone on it (your birthstone or a child’s birthstone, etc…). You can also mix and match different birthstones for different people in your life. Some people like to wear all the birthstones of their children, siblings, or parents. 

It doesn’t stop at birthstones, however. There are crystals you can wear with different meanings behind them as well. For example, the agate crystal promotes stability and grounding while the moonstone promotes balance and tenderness. 

Purchase Multiple Jewelry Sets to Mix

Purchasing one jewelry piece at a time is ideal when searching for something specific. If you’re simply looking for some creative, fun, and beautiful jewelry to wear, then you can purchase jewelry sets. Jewelry sets sometimes come with necklaces, bracelets, and rings, or a combination of other jewelry items. 

Purchas a few different sets to have at home. Find different sets that you can mix and match with one another. This gives you more options when it comes time to mix and match different pieces. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Metals

If you’ve hesitated before about mixing and matching different metals, then now is the time to feel confident in doing so. Don’t be afraid to mix a bit of silver with some gold. You can even find jewelry pieces that have both silver and gold mixed into the one piece!

Mixing metals doesn’t stop at just silver and gold. Feel free to add in some rose gold, copper, and white gold as well. As long as it’s done in moderation, you can rock all the different metals at one time. 

The silver jewelry pieces at https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/ come in several different styles, metal patterns, and stone colors as well! They’re a great way to get your jewelry mixing and matching started!

If you need some guidance, then consider finding a piece that already has two or three metals combined on it. Then, you can wear other pieces that are made from the same metals. 

Use Colors to Brighten Your Look

Metals aren’t the only jewelry you want to wear, though. If you only wear metals, then your look can become a bit dull. Use colors to brighten your jewelry style. 

Throwing in some colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces work well with all metals. You can even decide to wear colorful yarn or fabric bracelets as well. If you like the idea of wearing different crystals or stones with powerful meanings behind them, then you’ll enjoy wearing meaningful beads as well.

Lava beads are great for absorbing essential oils, that you can then smell throughout the day. Add a lava bead bracelet in with your metal bracelets to complete the look. 

Decide on a Theme to Use

Trying to throw together a variety of different jewelry pieces can seem challenging at times. Deciding on a theme to use and then building around the theme can help you create a balanced look. The theme can be anything you choose.

Pick out one size of jewelry (thick and chunky metals or thin metals) and then mix and match different pieces all within that theme. You can choose one theme of jewelry type as well, such as classy, artsy, casual, or minimalist. Once you have a theme in mind, it’ll give you some direction.

If you want to wear jewelry that’s artsier, then you should visit weekend markets or art fairs in your neighborhood where vendors come together to sell homemade or artisan pieces you’ll love. 

Consider the Rule of Three

How much is too much? How many rings, bracelets, or necklaces should we stack or layer on top of one another? There’s no written rule of how many pieces you can layer on top of one another, the choice is ultimately yours.

Some pieces look great with 5 or more layers, while other pieces only work well with one or two layers. When in doubt, however, you should consider the rule of three. Sticking with the rule of three is usually a safe choice. 

Layering in threes works well with thin and dainty chains. When following this rule, you can also mix and match different metals. Two gold thin chains with a charm mixed with one white gold chain with diamonds on it will look stunning. 

Display All Your Favorite Charms

Do you have a few favorite charms that you like to keep on you at all times? Maybe it’s a heart charm or locket that opens up to a picture of your grandmother. Maybe you keep the charm of your home country around your neck to remember it by. 

Do you have a lucky charm or two? This can even be a family heirloom, a lucky number, or another lucky symbol. If you have more than one lucky charm, then why have to decide on wearing only one at a time? 

Wear all three instead. It’s perfectly fine to layer several different charm necklaces, bracelets, or rings! 

Mixing and Matching Jewelry Has Never Been Easier

If you were once intimidated by the idea of mixing and matching different jewelry pieces and metals, then we hope you’ve now found peace and confidence in doing so. Mixing and matching your favorite jewelry pieces has never been easier with this guide by your side. 

Whenever in doubt, don’t hesitate to refer back to this page for guidance. Keep these tips in mind and try a bit of trial and error as well. If something doesn’t seem to match well, then switch things up a bit until you find a look you love!

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