Regardless of what level or league your basketball team plays in, it is important for everyone to wear the same uniform. Uniforms do more than tell outsiders your team name, the name of the player and their number. They create a sense of belonging and a feeling of mutual growth which is essential for team building.

Today, basketball teams have the opportunity not to settle for just any old pair of shorts and t-shirt. Teams now have the ability to create completely customised uniforms that truly reflect what their team is all about. Below is a quick list of items which should be taken into consideration when designing your custom basketball uniforms.

Consider the Style

Shorts and sleeveless t-shirts are the basics for basketball uniforms, but many custom basketball uniform companies will give you the opportunity to change certain features so that the uniform will be the perfect reflection of your team. Some common areas where you can change the style of the uniform include:

  • The neckline style.
  • The sleeve style.
  • The stitch/sew style.

Consider the Colour

The next and possibly most important consideration is the colour of the uniform. The colour of the uniform will be a reflection of the impression you and your team want to make when you hit the court.

  • Red is a colour of passion, energy and anger
  • Blue is a colour of stability, power and calmness
  • Green is a colour of balance and nature
  • Yellow is a colour of cheer, optimism and energy
  • Orange is a colour of health, youthfulness and happiness
  • Black is a colour of strength, boldness, and power

When considering the colour of your uniforms, make sure that you stick to only two or three colours. Too much colour is distracting and will take away from the impression you are trying to give players and those who are watching you from the stands.

Consider the Images

If your team already has a logo, then that logo will play a large role in the colours which you will choose for your uniform. If you do not have a logo, now is the time to start coming up with some ideas. There are a number of free graphic design programmes available on the Internet, though for more professional sports teams, hiring a professional graphic designer will be a worthwhile investment.

  • When creating a logo, try to design something which is unique to your team
  • Think about the colours used (as mentioned above) and the impression they will give
  • Generic team names should have a drawn logo, while teams with catchy or one-of-a-kind names can get away with using their team name as their logo
  • The simpler the logo, the more memorable it will be

Consider the Font

The final point to consider is the font which will be used for the numbers and for the names of the players. Choosing something different can work to your advantage, but the font should be legible and be an appropriate reflection of your team. For example, Comic Sans may be great for a team which does not take itself seriously, but it would be a poor choice for teams that are playing to win.