The gemstones in Delhi are generally considered as jewels and used for crafting jewelry pieces, although there are several other applications of gemstones as well. Being a token of richness and royalty, gemstones are highly valuable. Now, offer your home with all royal chic feels with the help of these stunning ideas.

For decades together, gemstones such as yellow sapphire gemstones, rubies or opals have been considered to heal an individual in all spheres of life. A culture which is initiated by ancient Egyptian, have seen a huge comeback, people are eager to visit the best gemstone shop in Delhi, to buy gemstones which promote optimistic feels, good health and peace of mind.

Gemstones hold the potential to make perfect decor for homes, with a splash of hues which serves natural feel to the entire space. It is a simple way unwrapping natural vibes and satisfy your cravings for being surrounded by nature.

Bunch of gemstones
You can also accommodate some crystals along with the gemstones and place them on the mantle to enhance its looks. Apply some rock polisher to crystals to offer them natural feels.

Endeavor for imperfections, gemstones, which are not symmetrical and are in their original form also looks beautiful when used for home decor purposes.

Light up the lamp base with alluring gemstones

Serve your lightning space with additional hints of luster with these breathtakingly gorgeous gemstones, beautifully embedded on the lamp base, pendant lights, chandeliers or sconces. This an investment which is worth taking up as it offers your home which royal chic feels.

Try out some beautiful Boho wall hanging

Induce some Bohemian vibes, by adding some gemstones to the Dreamcatcher or wall hanging. You can also experiment by placing some fascinating multi-colored gemstones to develop a kaleidoscopic impact.

Let the classic feels set in

Gemstones, classic antique books, and feathers come up as a beautiful league and provide classic, chic as well as treasured vibes. The pastel hues collaborated to offer a dreamy resonance, adding breath-taking feels to the whole aroma of the arrangement.

Adorn your home with a miniature garden

A piece of unfinished gemstone with an air plant growing on it offers an ideal desk decor. It is a great way to stay near to nature, particularly if you have a cubical space to work in. These gemstones peeping among the plants look perfect.

Flaunt away those beautifully embedded gemstones

A simple piece of raw gemstone, embedded on a tripod stand is a perfect showpiece to offer your home some imperial feels. You can even display a gemstone and light up the table or window edges to offer a dramatic look. You can showcase a gemstone on a pile of books, place some appealing bonsai or picture frames to complete the look.

Enhance the appearance of your fireplace
If you have an ideal fireplace in your home, and you are looking for something to beautify it, then try your hands on some gemstone sculpture. You can buy gemstones in Delhi for creating this majestic look and offer your house all the kingly feel it deserves.

Make the walls glint with art pieces
Decorate a wall with dazzling art pieces studded with gemstones. These will hold the much-needed shine and sparkle, brightening up the aroma of the room. Go in for neutral tones of gemstones for creating a vintage look, or make use of bold color palette for a contemporary dramatic look.

Frame it up!

Magnificent rubies or dramatic sapphires in shadow style box frames build up an awe-inspiring gallery wall. While selecting gemstones pay attention that they should be flat and matches with the existing decor of your home. The frames secure your jewels and enriched their appearance. You can also create a peculiar look by blending frames of different sizes with authentic gemstones in Delhi of various tones ranging from darker shades to light ones.

Give your drawer puller an astonishing appearance

Replace those ordinary drawer pullers by the original gemstones in Delhi. If you have an antique looking dressing table or showcase then these will definitely add all the essential charms. They also appear to be astonishing when used for bathroom cabinets.