Hair care is very important and obviously a hygienic routine for both men and women and to be treated with same care as of other body parts of them. While we can protect our other body parts with coverings from any kind of harms, our hair generally stays vulnerable to each and every outer threats like pollution, dirt, chemicals etc. and slowly loses its charm and healthiness. And if it is continued over a long period of time without being taken care of, it starts to become frizzy, dry and unhealthy and loses its grip over the scalp and starts falling from the root. Thus it becomes more important for more or less everyone to take care of their hair regularly.

If it’s not

If, anybody doesn’t look after their hair or ignore the need of the nourishment they require, they start losing their hair. And, this is indeed the root cause for the hair loss problem amongst many. Busy schedule of works, unhealthy eating habits, exposure to the pollution, ignorance – everything works with each other perfectly to enhance the hair loss problems in human.  We generally use shampoos to get rid of any kind of damages or unwanted build ups like dandruffs in hair or scalp but in the running life, we forgot to observe closely the damages they are providing.


Most of the shampoos, nowadays are claiming that they are the best in the business to fight unwanted conditions in hair but what everybody is not getting that these shampoos are containing harmful chemicals, which are very unhealthy to the hair and if used for a long time can damage the hair permanently. And there enters the concept of using ketomac hair shampoo for the purpose of treatment and prevention of any kind of fungal infections of the skin and scalp such as dandruff.

Why ketomac

Ketomac shampoo contains ketoconazole, a broad spectrum synthetic antifungal agent in a concentration of 2% in an aqueous suspension and works perfectly by killing fungi on skin that occurs naturally. It works by interfering with the synthesis of the important part of the fungal cell membrane called ergosterol and makes it weaker in due course and finally results in death. This shampoo not only deals with dandruffs but also treats flaking, scaling, itching and also helps to relieve inflammations due to dandruff. Many other conditions also can be treated by the proper use of ketomac shampoo but is is highly advised to visit a doctor or physician before using it for other conditions. Depending upon the skin condition of the users, these shampoos can be a little irritating for them as this might cause burning sensation or dry hair and that is why consulting a physician is very much important.


Several websites are there having ketomac shampoo image with various prices attached with them but surveying a little before buying any must be the first thing before buying and making the proper use as per the given direction either by the physician or by the user manual must be ensured.