A hat can be your best companion to make any kind of look complete and for this purpose, not only women, but men have an amazing variety of hats available too. Whether it is formal wear or casual, you can choose the most suitable kind of hat to go with it and enhance the overall appeal of your dress instantly. While most of the trends come and go, there are a few classy hats which have stayed stylish men’s best friends since decades. One such type is pork pie and those who know its value always want to adorn the best pork pie hat in London.

Deriving its name from a famous pastry, pork pie, it is quite similar to fedora in terms of appearance, the primary difference being the top, which is slightly rounded or flat in case of pork pie hat and in fedora it is like pinched crown. Another feature that differentiates a fedora from a pork pie hat is its short and slightly turned up brim. It is this unique shape which has earned this hat an undisputable place among several stylish hats worn by men and women.

The origin of pork pie hat can be traced back to the nineteenth century in Britain, but it soon achieved worldwide popularity, due to its appearance in movies and is still an integral part of period dramas. However, a major part of its popularity can be credited to its distinctive shape which makes it an ideal fit for most individuals and  gratitude to the large variety of these hats available in different materials such as straw, wool felt, fur felt etc, it has become easy to buy the best pork pie hat in London.

As mentioned above, this type of hat can be worn by anyone who knows how to carry it with different clothing styles; however, it is best suited for people with oval, long or short face. Especially if you are tall and do not want to add more height, then this hat, with its short crown, can be perfect. It is worth mentioning here that those who have square or round face should look for other styles of hats, instead of pork pie, as it might not complement their face shape.

The most common way to wear a pork pie hat is straight across your forehead by placing it on your head directly, but it is not a fixed rule and you can always be playful and wear your hat in any way you want. Moreover, personalisation can do wonders in enhancing your appearance which can be done by changing the colour of the band or by adding any accessory.

Nothing adds a more classy and suave touch to a man’s appearance than a carefully picked pork pie hat. Whether you like to dress up in suits or prefer to wear casuals for comfort, it is recommended to go for the best pork pie hat in London to make a lasting impression and you will be amazed how this simple looking item can transform the wearer’s persona, from casual and fun to sober and serious with just a tilt.