Purchasing gifts and surprises is such a fun time because you are spoiled for choices! However, purchasing the right and the most thoughtful present is extremely important when shopping for gifts. At work, there are many times that your colleagues turn into friends and their special moments become your special moments! When it is your colleague’s increment, there are a lot of different gifting options and surprise elements that you can throw in to make this day extra special for him/her at work! There are a lot of gifting options for a tight budget as well.

Here are a few gift options that you can pick from when gifting your colleague on their increment which are affordable and will not make a hole in your pocket –

Assorted chocolates and flowers
You can purchase a box of assorted chocolates for your colleague in the flavors that he/she likes the most. Along with that, you can place a surprise flower bouquet with their favorite flowers and a cute personalized note on their desk before they come to their office. There are a lot of gifting websites that do online gift delivery in Jaipur and across India for extremely affordable rates, so you will not have to worry about the delivery rates either. Chocolates and flowers are some of the most affordable gifting options for your colleagues, friends and family and they are easily available online and in gifting stores.
Desk decorative items
There are a lot of fun decorative items that you can gift your colleague which he/she can place on their working desk. Items such as succulents, cacti, artificial flowers, motivational quotes in photo frames, cute mugs to place pens and other items are an excellent option for office gifts. Along with chocolates and sweets in Jaipur for gifting, desk décor items are affordable, easily available and extremely thoughtful presents for your colleague. If you want to go that extra mile, you can also purchase customized décor items based on their favorite cartoons, anime, TV series, movies etc. which they will definitely love!
Stationery is a fun and thoughtful present for your colleague mainly because stationery is something he/she can definitely use everyday at office. Items like diaries, notepads, post its, pens, pencils are other stationery items are an excellent choice for gifting your colleague. You can also customize the stationery based on your colleague’s preferences such as TV series, movie themes, seasonal themes of weather such as monsoon, spring, summer etc. or even floral, geometric and other such themes which is an excellent choice for customizing stationery are. You can purchase these from any gifting stores that does mother’s gift delivery in Jaipur  and across India.
Apart from this, you can all chip in some amount of money to buy an improved present for your colleague to make their increment a special moment to remember! When chipping in, you can also throw a tiny and super fun party with cake, flowers and balloons, which will make this extra special for your colleague!